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Student discount card (ISIC card)

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) gives you thousands of travel, online and lifestyle discounts at home and worldwide. It’s yours for just £12!

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Buy a card for access to tons of discounts for your trip

▪ Exclusive discounts on worldwide flights
▪ Discounted rates and free stuff at hotels and hostels worldwide

ISIC card holders receive special discounted rates which can be up to 10% off on

▪ Short touring: Sail the Whitsundays or do a surf tour…plus more!
Touring in China
Selected volunteering experiences
Flexible bus tours around Europe
Mini-adventures in Scotland and Ireland
Hop on hop off bus travel in South America
Hop on hop off bus travel in the USA
Bus travel in Australia
Hop on hop off adventure buses in New Zealand
Adventure bus passes in Canada
Hop on hop off bus passes in Australia
▪ 5% off Africa adventure trips
10% off at STA Travel clinics

Plus more...

On your travels….
You’ll save loads with your ISIC at over 40,000 businesses in the UK and over 100 countries worldwide. STA Travel offers discounted rates on loads of things you might want to do whilst you’re away

At home….
Enjoy discounts at your favourite high street retailers as well as at restaurants, on guidebooks, travel gear, hotels, tours, attractions, museums, galleries, audio phrase books, CDs & DVDs, takeaways, and even carbon offsetting.

New benefits in the UK include:

  • 20% off National Express
  • 50% off Tastecard - was £79.99 cardholder rate £39.99
  • 33% off Stansted Express
  • 25% off Gatwick Express
  • 25% off Heathrow Express
  • 30% off Lonely Planet

Find out about all the benefits on offer on the ISIC website.

Save on your mobile bill whilst abroad
Save up to 70% whilst abroad, plus take one UK number with you.  This great little SIM is yours FREE when you make a single £10 top-up! Learn more >

For the whole year
Your ISIC card sees you right through the academic year.  It’s valid from September, for up to 16 months, until Dec the following year! Buy it early!

Can I get one?
You can lay your mitts on an ISIC card if you’re a full-time student attending:

▪ Secondary school
▪ Sixth form or further education college
▪ Language school
▪ The Open University (60 points or more), or any UK university
▪ Taking a year out before university? If you’ve got a Deferred / Confirmed UCAS placement then you can grab an ISIC for your year off

No maximum age. Minimum age 12 years. Full-time is 12 weeks or more during one academic year.

Make your money go further with all these savings - get yours for just £12. That’s just a few pence per week!

Buy an ISIC Card now >

Combine your ISIC and cashcard
Want all the features of the ISIC card but an easy way to manage your cash abroad as well as earning cashback on your purchases? Click here for more information on how you can get all this at no extra charge with an STA Travel ISIC Prepaid MasterCard® Cashcard.

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