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Why take an adventure trip?

There are so many benefits - you'll travel in a group with like-minded travellers visit extraordinary places and cover distances you couldn't manage on your own.  You'll find places you wouldn't otherwise know about, pack in loads of really cool experiences & get great value! 


Tour Myth Busting - We don't hold an umbrella

We've all seen those tourist groups playing follow the leader as they're route marched by a Pied Piper holding an umbrella aloft as a sign for everyone to follow.

Believe us when we say not all tours are like this.

Believe us when we say our tours are definitely not like this.

Just in case there are any lingering misconceptions out there about what a small group adventure tour is, let's bust some myths.




Travel with a group? I'd rather do my own thing.
Myth number 1: travelling with a group puts the independent traveller in a straitjacket! Think of it more along the lines of 'assisted backpacking'. The tour leader is on hand to make sure that all the annoying, time-consuming logistical aspects are completely taken care of, allowing you the freedom to completely immerse yourself in the culture of whichever far-off place you might find yourself.

I want to avoid tourist traps and get off the beaten track.
Now you're talking our language. We'll ignore the sign that says 'tourists head this way' and using the expert local knowledge of our Tour Leaders, head in the opposite direction. Our tours are 100% focused on getting to the heart of the destination, offering the opportunity to meet, travel and stay with local people for a truly authentic and sustainable experience.

Do I need to be fitter than Usain Bolt?
What gave you that idea? We will not be flinging you out of a plane or making you run up Everest before brekkie. The only physical requirement for our tours is: an open mind. Our 'Adventures' are about the awe-inspiring, breathtaking experiences that provide cultural insight and wildlife encounters.

Group tours cost more.
Do me a favour! When you look at the daily cost of a tour, taking into account accommodation, transport, daily activities, local grub etc, our tours generally work out to be cheaper than paying for everything separately yourself.




About STA Travel tours
With over 1000 tours to choose from, our adventures come in all shapes and sizes. That said, there are some standard benefits to all our tours:

Budget - know exactly how much you need to spend on the ground by securing all your travel and accommodation costs in advance

Tour guides - let an expert show you places and aspects of culture that only a local would know about

Transport - never a matter of simply getting from point A to B. Travel with locals on public transport and make the journey an unforgettable part of your holiday

Accommodation - stay in centrally located, locally owned places that reflect the flavour of the country you are in, rather than the box rooms of the West

Group size - travel with, on average, 12 like-minded international travellers

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