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Whether an apartment for a night, castle for a week or villa for a month, Airbnb connects people with unique travel experiences by helping them discover what makes each town, city or village unique. With nearly 2 million places to stay in over 34,000 cities in 190 countries, all for a price that suits you, the world is just waiting to be discovered.

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The beauty of Airbnb is the uniqueness of the homes guests can stay in, and the sense of belonging the hosts create as they help to make your experience that little bit more special. To showcase some of the amazing places that are right here on our doorstep, we sent one of our STA Travel Sounds bands, Skinny Living, to explore Cornwall and bloggers, Hand Luggage Only, to discover the real Amsterdam. Watch their stories unfold in the videos below...

Exploring Amsterdam on a houseboat...

Hand Luggage Only in Amsterdam

UK travel bloggers, Hand Luggage Only, set out to discover a different side of Amsterdam, where they stayed on a houseboat, cruised along the canals, and learned about the city’s hidden gems with their Airbnb hosts.
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Cornwall, a converted train carriage and a band...

Skinny Living find inspiration in Cornwall

Earlier this year, STA Travel launched a new music platform called STA Travel Sounds, with four piece band Skinny Living as the premiere artists. We hooked up with Airbnb to take Skinny Living back to Cornwall, (where they had recorded their beautiful track "Like A Ray"), to chill out and regroup in some inspiring accommodation...
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We know you’re adventurous. Wherever you roam you can find a hospitable home through Airbnb. It could be a studio in Sydney, a treehouse in Thailand or a beach hut in Brazil. There are more than 1.2m worldwide listings including thousands of castles and houseboats, even a few lighthouses!
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