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USA rail travel

Train tracks
Relive the romance by riding on the railroad of America with an Amtrak USA Rail Pass.

Available in three levels of travel duration and travel segments, these passes allow travel throughout the USA on America's extensive, 46-state, 22,000 mile network.

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Travelpass Details Amtrak USA Passenger Rail is America's national rail network, serving over 500 stations in 46 states on a 22,000 mile route network. The USA Rail Pass enables travellers to travel throughout the USA with maximum flexibility and comfort, at an affordable price.

There are three rail passes from which to choose, valid for coach class travel throughout the USA. Passes are valid for 8 segments of travel within 15 days, 12 segments of travel within 30 days, and 18 segments of travel within 45 days; and offer stopovers along the way.

Amtrak Rail Passes ensure travellers the luxury of traveling at their own pace, enabling them to see as much of America as their schedule permits.

USA Rail Passes are the same price all year round regardless of time of travel but travel MUST begin within 180 days of the date the pass is purchased. One segment of travel is counted each time a passenger boards a train or Thruway bus. Optional Extras (payable direct) Sleeping accommodation upgrades can be purchased at the Amtrak Station. There is one charge per accommodation, regardless of whether it is single or double occupancy. Rates are based on availability and season.
 Pass type  Price from
 8 segments within 15 days  £281
 12 segments within 30 days  £417
 18 segments within 45 days  £540
So if you want to see the USA at your own pace pick up a handy Amtrak rail pass!

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