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Australia Travel Guide

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Take a deep breath and delve Down Under to explore the all-encompassing Australia. From the wild orange-rock deserts of the Outback to the vibrant coastal metropolises and miles upon miles of beach paradises, Australia is a country of extreme nature, cosmopolitan culture and laid-back locals. Drive across the vast open spaces of inland Australia; watch the sun reflect off the majestic Uluru, revel in the urban delights of multi-cultural Melbourne and hit the waves in sun-kissed Sydney. Australia is a country young at heart, with endless energy and a fun-loving philosophy. Our destination guide is full of hints and tips about travelling Down Under, plus we've got some awesome blog and video content from the winners of Best Jobs In The World!

Best jobs in the world...

See what it's like to work Down Under

Taste Master in Western Aus

Written by: Rich Keam of England

Hi there folks, my name’s Rich and I’m the Taste Master for Western Australia. For the next 6 months I’ll be travelling the state, foraging for the finest produce...

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Tassie Devil Wrangler

Written by: Graham Freeman of USA

Graham Freeman from the USA has won the position of Tasmania’s Tassie Devil Wrangler, a dream job for a self-described adventurer...

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Photographer in Victoria

Written by: Roberto Seba of Brazil

My name's Roberto, and I'm going to spend the six months capturing cool places around Melbourne, including the food scene, cafes, bars, exhibitions and festivals!

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Park Ranger in Queensland

Written by: Elisa Detrez of France

I'm Elisa, and I'm a "special" ranger, which sees me travel around Queensland, visiting National Parks with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers.

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Chief Funster in NSW

Written by: Tourism Australia of Australia

Andrew Smith from California has been chosen for the role of Chief Funster, working in New South Wales as a social media commentator and professional party-goer...

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Wildlife Caretaker - South Aus

Written by: Greg Snell of Canada

I am a traveller who lives for the moment and dreams of the future. I am one who relishes in the experience. I smile and laugh, cry and bleed. The greatest...

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There’s no better place to work and travel than Oz! Experience life like an Aussie, earn cash to fund further travels and get some essential skills for your CV...

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Travel tips...

Melbourne & Victoria

Sophisticated and stylish, Melbourne and Victoria is all about the great outdoors, cosmopolitan culture and an easy lifestyle...

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Sydney & New South Wales

Beaches and 'barbies', surfboards and sunshine, nature and nightlife – this is Sydney and New South Wales. With Australia's most iconic city and loads of surfer beaches - New South Wales is supercool.

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Welcome to the Tropical North. From wild rainforests to white sandy beaches and the largest coral reef in the world, Queensland is the ultimate sun-loving holiday destination of Australia... 

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Northern Territory

Experience the real Australian Outback. Watch the sun reflect off Ayer's Rock, adventure through the deserts to Alice Springs, find ancient Aboriginal art and discover hundreds of species of wildlife.  

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South Australia

Like wine? Love South Australia. From rolling hills of vineyards and the Flinders Mountain Ranges, to sandy beaches and Kangaroo Island, the state of South Australia embodies what Australia is all about...

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Perth & Western Aus

Immense, photogenic, rugged and fertile, Western Australia is the epitome of adventure. Chill out in Perth, before heading out to the stunning beaches, dry deserts and wild national parks...

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Isolated and rugged, Tasmania is brimming with wildlife. Seer are Tasmanian devils in their natural habitat and walk along Tassie's stunning coastline to catch glimpses of whales, seals and dolphins.

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Hot deals in Australia

We've got loads of great deals Down Under. Get up to 15% off adventure tours, 25% off campervans, free nights in top Aussie hostel and much much more...

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