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STA Travel Beats

Does your world revolve around music, and are your thoughts consumed with finding every last beat that is hidden around the globe? Welcome to STA Travel Beats.

We are everything you love about music, adventure and culture. Exclusive group festival travel to the farthest corners of the planet: meet locals, share music and discover some of the world’s best festivals and underground rave scenes. First and exclusively at STA Travel Beats.

What makes STA Travel Beats so unique?

sta travel beats

Next Big Thing

Exclusive group festival tours and a custom-built nightlife adventure like no other

beats bands

With the Band

Secret locations, STA Travel Beats artists and exclusive events

beats travel

The Travelling Part

Explore hidden locations, sunrise to sunset with other likeminded travellers

Golden Beats


From £79911 days

You're now part of the STA Travel Beats crew. Welcome to a family who live for music and travel. If we are not experiencing the local culture, we are following the sound of the dirty, deep bass line.

This 11 day experience captures the heart and spirit of Rajasthan. Travel through the palaces and bazaars of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Pushkar, with three days sleeping in luxury Bedouin tents and vibing to magical sounds in a 17th Century fort at Magnetic Fields Festival. To find out more, give one of our Travel Experts a call or pop into a store to book.

Magnetic Fields festival & Rajasthan tour: Departs 12 December 2017

Island Beats


From £671 pp9-10 days

Sun, sand, boat parties, beach parties and some of Europe's best electronic artists playing both day and night... Croatia's Adriatic Coast is a must for any Brit searching for the ultimate festival experience abroad. Our Island Beats Experiences take you to some unique, off-the-radar spots, so you can party in a paradise far different from any other.

Sonus Festival: Stay tuned for 2018 dates

Sea Beats


From £1,199 pp15 days

From the magical fortress rave of EXIT Music Festival in Serbia to the amazing beach parties of Sea Dance in Montenegro, this trip gives you the chance to discover exciting locations in the Balkans with music at the centre of it all. Visit Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro, all accommodation and trip transport is included as well as EXIT and Sea Dance festival tickets and an exclusive Beats warm up party.

EXIT & Sea Dance festival & Balkans tour: 2017 now sold out, stay tuned for 2018 dates

Icelandic Beats


From £1,349 pp

Imagine partying at a festival where the sun doesn't set for three days. We mean literally - during June, the crazy Icelandic landscape of raw desert, hot pools, glaciers and volcanoes is illuminated for three full days, meaning you'll be raving in midnight sunshine. Add in the likes of Foo Fighters and The Prodigy and you're in for a Beats Experience like no other on the planet.

Secret Solstice & Iceland Tour: Stay tuned for 2018 dates

Sail Beats


From £4368 Days

Set Sail into a new world where every day will have you immersed in new beats, exploring hidden island gems, exclusive parties and a sense of relaxation that you didn’t know existed. From gazing at the stars in our Zodiac corner, to diving into the crystal clear Aegean Sea or raving until dawn. Our 8 day Greece Sail Beats is a moving festival experience that your Summer has been waiting for.

Sail Beats tour: Stay tuned for 2018 dates

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