STA Travel Cashflex

STA Travel Cashflex offers you a flexible, easy and safe way to manage your money. Choose an STA ISIC Cashcard for students or a Cashcard for all to use at home and abroad, earn cashback, save on fees, get discounts and more...

Why should you Cashflex?

√ Two ways to Cashflex: ISIC Cashcard for students or Cashcard for all
√ Earn up to 11% cashback at UK retailers*
√ Earn 3% cashback as you travel when you spend in STA Travel stores or online* worldwide
√ Book another holilday with us and earn 3% loyalty cashback
√ No credit card fees when you use your card to pay at STA Travel
√ Free UK and overseas transactions
√ No fees when topping up**
√ No credit checks needed
√ Avoid the cost and hassle of exchanging currency
√ Safe - no need for cash and cards are not linked to a bank account
√ Stay in control – only spend the amount you've loaded
√ Use in over 35 million locations including 1.5 million ATM’s
√ No credit checks needed
√ Parents or friends can top-up your card if you run out of money
√ Wages or salaries can be received on the card with ease (excluding India)

*isic cashcard only
**bank transfers and instore loads at STA Travel UK only

STA Travel ISIC Prepaid MasterCard® Cashcard

Only £12

• For full time students 18 and over
• A Student ID, discount card & pre-paid currency card in one!
• Student discounts with STA Travel – cheap flights & more
• 1000s of discounts as you travel with ISIC worldwide
• Use your card as an internationally recognised student identity card

STA Travel Prepaid MasterCard® Cashcard

Only £22

• Available to all UK residents over 18
• Free second card (non student card only)
• Comes with a £10 cash loaded to start you off

Travelling within the next two weeks? Get your card in store today.
The STA Travel ISIC Prepaid MasterCard Cashcard and the STA Travel Prepaid MasterCard Cashcard are issued by IDT Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated. IDT Financial Services Limited is a regulated bank, licensed by the Financial Services Commission, Gibraltar. Registered Office: 57-63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar. Registered No. 95716. All communications should be sent to STA Travel, PO Box 3753, Chester, CH1 9UH.
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