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HOW TO BAG THE CHEAPEST FLIGHT FARES: Tips from our Travel Experts

Queenstown Skydive round the world flights
Fly Open Jaw
No, we're not talking about skydiving here, although that is a must on your Round the World trip. Flying 'Open Jaw' is a term we use here at STA for flying into one city, and out of another. For example, you could book one leg of your journey to north Vietnam, and the next leg departing from Singapore. Why? Because it's often cheaper, you'll get to overland through so many amazing countries, and avoid doubling back on yourself to the the original airport. 
Hong Kong Stopover Cathay Pacific
Be a dirty stopover
Major airline carriers export eager backpackers across the world daily, and they all have cities they most commonly stop to refuel in. Emirates will drop you off for a transit in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, whereas if you fly east with Cathay Pacific, you'll likely switch flights in Hong Kong. If you're flying to South or Central America, you're likely to touch down in Toronto or New York on the way. Take advantage of this by booking one or two nights in your stopover city - a massive added bonus! Plus, two connecting flights are heaps cheaper than one long one. 
Canada jumping lake
Time it right
Flights departing between Tuesday and Thursday are often heaps cheaper than those around weekends. You should also check when the local school holidays or celebrations are in your country of departure or arrival, as flight fares tend to increase during these times. Ask your Travel Expert to help you time it right, so you can fly on the cheapest fares. 
Queenstown beers sunset
Book in advance with us, even if you don't have the money!
Flights booked around ten to eleven months in advance are usually the cheapest - the closer it gets to your desired departure date, the steeper they get. Book your trip as early to save money, and you can lock it in with just a £49 deposit. All the more time for you to get saving for your year travelling around the world!

How to book your Round the World Trip

Get inspired

Search for flights & get inspired

Take a look at our best Round the World routes to get some ideas, or search for cheap flights below to find the best fares for the destinations you're interested in.

Call a travel expert

Speak to one of our Round the World Travel Experts

Once you've pulled together your travel bucket list, give one of our committed Travel Experts al call on 0333 321 095 or book an appointment in store to speak face to face.

trip planning

Get planning

Lock in your Round the World trip with a £49 deposit, add on a MultiFLEX pass if you'd like flexibility with when you fly from place to place, grab some insurance and pack your passport!

Why you should create your own Round the World trip with us

Blue ticket fares

BlueTicket fares

Under 30? Full-time student? Or just curious about how cheap flights these days can really be? Speak to us about our exclusive BlueTicket fares; you could find yourself flying to Aus for less than £400.

Price beat guarantee round the world flights

Our Price Beat Guarantee

We love serving up the world to you travellers for the best prices going. And we're so keen to make sure we're the consistently the cheapest travel agent, that if you can find Round the World flights cheaper, we'll give you £1000.

£49 deposit

Book with a £49 deposit

Seen an amazing BlueTicket fare that you can't afford just yet? You can secure your Round the World adventure with £49, and pay for the rest later.

Our recommended Round the World routes - for £999!

Rock my World RTW route map
Rock my World
UK > Dubai > Melbourne. Make your own way to Sydney (did anyone say 'roadtrip!?'). Sydney > Los Angeles. Make your own way to New York across the USA, before flying back to the UK. 
Student/Under 26 from £999

Open to all from £1,049

view this route
Across the Pond route map
Across the Pond
UK > Raykjavik > New York. Make your own way to Fort Lauderdale in Florida, to catch your onwards flight to Cancun. Make your own way all the way down through Central America from Cancun to San Jose. Fly from San Jose > Lima. Travel South America before flying out of Rio to Lisbon, before heading back to the UK.
Students/Under 30s from £999
view this route


What if I'm undecided about specific dates for onward travel?

Don't worry - we know you can't plan every detail of a year-long gap year, and we wouldn't want you to. The average STA traveller on a Round the World trip will change their flight dates five times. How? Because provided their flights are eligible, they can add on an exclusive MultiFLEX pass, which start from £29. With one of these, you'll have the freedom to get in touch and change the dates of your next onward journey... So you can fall in love, break your leg, or just dig your feet deeper into th sand in places you adore without having to worry about the extra cost of flight changes.

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