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Book now, pay later to guarantee your flight price today. Our £49 flight deposit lets you secure a seat and fare to your dream destination and pay it off later!

- Book a flight with us and you don’t need to pay-up til 10 weeks before your departure date! Only available on STA Travel exclusive tickets
- Includes flights with Emirates, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific and more
- Includes selected Round the World and Multi-stop routes
- Not bookable online; book in store or call us on 0333 321 0099

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More Information

Round the World

Contact us to book Round the World and multi-stop tickets with the £49 deposit.

Terms & Conditions

See terms and conditions below for more details on how to use the £49 deposit.

The £49 deposit will guarantee your seat and price at time of reservation. Any bookings must be paid in full 10 weeks prior to departure date. Only available on new bookings. In the unlikely event that the price of your trip decreases in the deposit period, the balance paid will still be amount determined when the deposit was initially paid. The low deposit is non-transferable. Only valid on certain types of fares – ask a travel expert for more information. There will be a non-refundable ‘low deposit access fee’ added to the total price of your flight in order to book on deposit.