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Free Travel Talks

Free Travel Talks

Clear your calenders and locate your passport, because our Travel Talks are back! Planning a round the world trip? Going on a gap year? Thinking of packing your bags and working abroad? Whatever 2014 or 2015 has in store, make sure you book a spot at our travel talks - it's only way to start your next adventure.

We'll help you get your head round flights, tours, accommodation, day trips, working holidays, volunteering projects, visas and all of your transport options. Plus, there will be a load of Travel Experts on hand to share their knowledge.

• Get the lowdown on how to plan your trip of a lifetime
• Learn the best ways to get around and explore
• Loads of knowledgeable guest speakers to offer top tips and advice.
• Meet potential travel buddies

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Our Upcoming Travel Talks

Mon 29 Sept - Travelling Australia - Leicester and Canterbury
Tues 30 Sept - Travelling Australia - Sheffield and Guildford
Weds 01 Oct - Travelling Australia - Nottingham and Reading
Thurs 02 Oct - Travelling Australia - Chester and London Ealing
Mon 06 Oct - Travelling Australia - Birmingham High St and Newcastle
Tues 07 Oct - Travelling Australia - Oxford and Durham
Weds 08 Oct - Travelling Australia - Cheltenham and York
Thurs 09 Oct - Travelling Australia - Leeds Vicar Lane