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Language courses

"Uno pint of lager por favor," says the young Englishman as he cowers at the far end of a Bogota bar. He's in the first few weeks of his Gap Year in South America, and quickly realising that there were a few things he should have considered, which would have made life just that bit easier.

"Uno, pintos de lagos pleaso peso," he stutters. It was the tenth time that week that he regretted ignoring his mate's advice, and learning the local language.

language coursesYou can book a flight ticket in a moment. Join a tour in a flash. Fix up your travel insurance in a jiffy. Book a hotel in a heartbeat. But when it comes to learning a language, you need to plan a little ahead — and contrary to popular belief, that doesn't mean schlepping your way to an evening class every Tuesday night for 12 months.

Far… from… it.

We'll give you the low-down on learning the lingo in a moment, but first, let's look at the benefits of being proactive and learning a language on your gap year.

Benefits of learning a language

Knowing even the most basic phrases can enhance your gap year, and boost your CV to give you an edge when looking for a job.

Getting to know your numbers; your Ps and Qs; and some useful phrases, such as, "How much is this bunch of bananas please?" or "Where is the bus station please?" can save you hours of foot shuffling and awkward fumbling.

learn a languageStep it up a notch, to conversational level, and you've scored a line-up of magic moments with locals; they'll no doubt help you polish up your pronunciation and loosen up those rolling rrrrr's too. And when you unlock an invite to nana's house for a family feast, you'll be tucking into memories of a lifetime. Imagine the look on her face, when you gather up a stack of empty plates, look into her kind eyes and tell her, "Muchas gracias. Su comida era deliciosa."

Learning a language made easy

Learning a language doesn't need to dominate your travels, it can fit in perfectly naturally. It's well documented that learning a language while in a country which speaks it, is much easier than dipping in and out of it  with an academic course.

It's full immersion. You'll hear it. See it. Speak it. Every. Single. Day.

Did you know, we offer Spanish language courses in several destinations in Latin America alone? Buenos Aires, Chile, Lima, Cuzco, Tamarindo, Antigua, and Playa del Carmen are among the best places in South America to learn Spanish, and we can book you onto a great Spanish language course in every one of them.

Even if you struggled to lay down the basics of foreign languages at school, you shouldn't be put off. We offer French, Russian, Arabic, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Italian, plus many more, for every level.

Make your gap year count

Your gap year is a once in a lifetime opportunity to let loose. You will have time to explore countries which will inspire you for a lifetime. You will meet people who you will think of every day. You will taste things which will never leave you. Make sure you maximise this opportunity, and make it the very best it can be.

If you're interested in learning a language on your gap year, book an appointment at your local branch, and speak to one of our travel consultants about the 100s of opportunities we have available for you.