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Round the world

Imagine leaning towards your friends during a Sunday session, and boasting, "I'm taking a gap year, and travelling round the world!" Their reaction will be mixed: the "Don't go!" crew will smother you in weighty hugs; the jealous-types will sit back, silently nodding with respect; while your best friend might say, "You best be taking me!"

Life is all about experiences, and if there's one thing that will provide an endless supply of them, it's travelling! So what's involved in going round the world from £869 on your gap year, or putting together an unforgettable multi-stop adventure? Let's take a look — this bit will only take ten minutes, but the memories will last a lifetime (that's the last cliché we'll use!)

Planning a round the world flight

gap year around the worldPlanning is no longer the domain of travel geeks; it's widely accepted that a little fine-tuning before you leave can save you time and money, and maximise your journey. Grab a sheet of paper, and scribble down any must-see sights and events, such as festivals, which you want to attend. If you don't fancy travelling solo, hit up your friends and family for suitable partners. You could also look up seasonal weather, such as monsoons, to avoid being washed out!

While you're busy drawing wiggly lines between your dream destinations, start to consider how you'll travel along these routes. It's easy to fly, but do you realise the alternatives that are open to you… especially with time on your side?

There are 100s of adventure tours that can take you between places — take a look through our brochures, or speak to a consultant about the possibilities available to you for your gap year.

We can tailor your journey to suit your needs, without busting your budget. For example, our round the world route The Kwikfire Kiwi is just £869 and hits four continents! Has that got your interest? You might be interested in our bestselling round the world flights. These should give you some idea of the most cost-effective, and popular travel destinations around the world.

If you'd prefer to bolt on a few destinations, or strip it back, we've got just the tool for planning an epic gap year; spend some time filling out our Round the World trip planner. It's a great place to start, and laying it down this way will help you to start outlining your journey.

gap year around the worldFinally, take time to consider how streetwise you are. Our Travel Safety Courses are popular with first-time travellers, and provide you with excellent training for dealing with unexpected situations.

RTW Recap:

 • Pin down your unmissable events
 • Tap up any potential travel buddies
 • Nail your must-see destinations
 • Research seasonal weather
 • Consider a Travel Safety Course

Travel with a Purpose

While your gap year is the perfect opportunity to cram in 20 years worth of holiday into one blinding chunk of adventure; it's also a great time to learn some new skills, or put your existing ones to good use.

gap year around the worldVolunteer holidays are a popular way to team up with like-minded travellers from around the world, delivering a positive impact on the people, environment and places you visit. We currently offer placements on 80 worthwhile projects, in 34 countries around the world. Take some time, and consider whether you could mix in some voluntouring to your travels.

Working Holidays are an excellent way for you to boost your journey, especially if you're looking to the long-term. The Working Holiday visas usually start out as 12-month agreements, with the option to stretch them out. If you're interested in taking a working holidays in Australia or New Zealand speak to one of our travel advisers.

Final Word on Round the World

Don't underestimate this opportunity. If you're travelling round the world, or taking a multi-stop journey through your most coveted destinations, then you have the chance of a lifetime.

We're a company made up of excitable travellers. We regularly slosh through rivers, clamber up mountains, and tour through deserts — we know heaps about travel, and how to maximise your experiences on the road.

Book an appointment with our travel advisers today, they know what they're talking about and how to make your gap year absolutely unforgettable. 

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