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Gap Year Travel

Plan Your Year Abroad Now!

Plan the ultimate gap year adventure with STA Travel. As the student and youth travel experts, we can give you the inspiration and advice you need to create the perfect adventure. We've been there, done that and got the Chang t-shirt to prove it. Whether you want to work abroad, volunteer in Asia, or head off on an epic round the world trip, we've got bundles of ideas for your gap year or sabbatical.

Why Take a Gap Year?

We're strong advocates of the Gap Year here at STA Travel. Whether it's a post-school gap year, a year out after university, or a well-earned career break, we always encourage people to explore the wild and wonderful world we live in. If you've been idly eyeing up the outside world wondering what's out there, it's time to stop wondering and start wandering.

Volunteering fr £305

Love baby animals? Want to help those less fortunate? Responsible travel has been with STA Travel in various shapes and forms since our pioneering days. We currently offer over 90 volunteer projects from 5 days to 6 months, working with children, communities, animals and conservation. This is your chance to do something really worthwhile and give back to the world...
Volunteering Projects

Round the World Adventures

Whether you want to backpack across South East Asia, volunteer in Africa, work in Australia or trek the Inca Trail on your Gap Year, with a Round the World ticket from STA Travel, you can discover any corner of the globe you choose. Create a trip that is uniquely yours or choose from our sample itineraries - our travel experts can help you create your perfect Round the World adventure.
Explore Round the World

Why Book With Us

We are the experts in student and youth travel, and we have a fair few gap years under our belts. As travellers like you, we're lucky enough to have been round the block a few times. It's with this kind of unrivalled knowledge and exclusive partnerships with airlines and travel companies around the world, that we can always inspire you to create the ultimate experience, no matter what your budget is.

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Planning Your Gap Year

Far be it from us to tell you what to do, but we're always happy go give you some inspiration. It's a big old world out there and there's so much to explore. Take a look out the STA blog to read about other people's Gap Year adventures or visit us in store to speak to our awesome travel experts. If you can tell us the what, when and for how long, we'll sort out the rest!
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What to do on your Gap Year

Book an adventure tour, get a working holiday visa, choose a volunteering project or beach hop in the Thai islands, it's really up to you! Whatever you decide to do, we'll be able to help you book it.

Work Abroad

Working abroad is a great way to travel. There's no better way to get to the heart of a place than by living and working there - live like a local! Plus, not everyone can afford to spend a year skipping round the world without a care *sigh*, so working abroad is a great way to fund your Gap Year as you go! Check out our range of work abroad programmes in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.
Work Abroad

Gap Year Inspiration

If you were ever in any doubt about taking a gap year, then visit the STA Travel blog. It's full of stories from fellow travellers who packed their bags and set off on their very own adventure. Fuel your wanderlust with tales of epic road trips, life-changing volunteering projects, crazy street-food and unforgettable travel experiences.
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