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What is a gap year?

A gap year can be anything you want it to be. It can be a year out you take when you've finished college or university, it can be a sabbatical from work, or you may have just decided you want to give up the real world for a little while and travel the world instead. Whatever you want out of your gap year, we're here to help, with experts who know exactly what's what when it comes to planning a year abroad.

Should I take a gap year?

We're strong advocates of the Gap Year here at STA Travel, so our answer is yes! Whether it's a post-school gap year, a year out after university, or a well-earned career break, we always encourage people to explore the wild and wonderful world we live in. If you've been idly eyeing up the outside world wondering what's out there, it's time to stop wondering and start wandering.

Want some inspiration? Check out Karl & James' Round the World adventure below!

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Gap year travel essentials

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How to plan a gap year

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Gap year ideas

Not sure what you should do on your year abroad? We've got a few ideas! Stick with us, we'll keep you right.



Round the World

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Work Abroad

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Teach English

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Most popular gap year destinations

Gap year Australia

Head Down Under on your gap year and hook yourself up with a working holiday visa! Earn some cash and then travel around one of the world's most exciting destinations. From Perth to Sydney, Brisbane to Darwin, Australia has some great places to live and work, not to mention some epic places to travel to as well!

Australia Travel Guide

Gap year New Zealand

Another place to grab a working holiday visa and set off on an adventure! From the adrenaline junkie capital Queenstown to the dramatic scenery of Milford Sound and the amazing beaches of the Bay of Islands, New Zealand offers the perfect mix of chilled out and epic!

New Zealand travel guide

Gap year America

Whether you're after vibrant cities or sleepy towns, epic expeditions or some real down time, this exciting collection of states will guarantee you one helluva gap year!

USA travel guide

Gap year Thailand

If you're looking for a cultural experience on your gap year, then why not check out Thailand? Experience a different way of life with a volunteering program in the north, and spend your free time kicking back on the paradise islands in the south.

Thailand travel guide