Germany travel hints & tips

There are a whole heap of clichés about ze Germans – that they are punctual down to the second, thorough, reserved and lack a funny bone.  This is only true to a certain extent!  There are a couple of guidelines though, that you might find helpful to avoid a culture clash.  Check out our handy Germany travel tips and advice below:

The Germans enjoy a good handshake!  So take your other hand out of your pocket and give them a good dose of eye contact.

The cliché is true – if you’re meeting a German make sure you’re on time, apologise if you’re not, and if you’re going to be more than 15 minutes late try to call ahead.

Reserved vs direct
The Germans have a nifty way of being both reserved and direct at the same time.  They might take a wee while to warm to you but they will speak their mind almost immediately.  It’s not an insult so don’t be offended.

If you’re invited into a German home it’s polite to take a gift (flowers or wine are good).  Say 'Mahlzeit' or 'Guten Appetit' before eating and eat everything on your plate or they’ll think you didn’t enjoy your meal!

*The Small Print
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