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From beach breaks to city stays, we've got a room to suit every traveller...and budget!! STA Travel offers a huge range of cheap hotel accommodation options. From hostels to cheap hotels to boutique hotels, we can offer you over 27,000 places to stay on every continent. So if you're looking to book budget hotels for your travels look no further!

Visit Melbourne, Australia with STA Travel

Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific

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We've travelled across sparkling seas, dense forests and lush landscapes to bring you our favourite hotels and hostels in Australasia, new Zealand and the South Pacific.

Asia & Middle East

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Asia can be anything you want it to be - go for the people, the ecology and the food. Or simply go for sun and relaxation. Whatever Asia is to you, the chances are that we'll be able to deliver it!

Latin America

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Check out our list of favourite accommodation options in Latin America or search and book the hotel that suits you.  Book online today or call us to discuss the best option for you.

Round the world flights, Americano

North America

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When you travel to North America you are required by law to be able to give the address that you will be staying at. It's one more thing to plan before you get on the plane, but don't worry, we've got tons of options for you...


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Ah Africa. A land of fiery sunsets, dusty plains and a native animal habitat that makes London Zoo look like a pet shop, and where adventure lies around every corner. Check out our cheap hotels and hostels below.
Eastern Europe


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Europe boasts more history, culture, art and amazing architecture than any other continent in the world. We have loads of accommodation options whatever your budget.

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