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Travel Indochina

Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia...these remarkable countries make up part of the Indochina region of Southeast Asia and we want you to go there NOW! Travel Indochina and you'll experience Asia at its most friendly, most vibrant, most incredible and most unforgettable (trust us, we've been there >).

But where do you start? You know you want to ride a tuk tuk in Bangkok, marvel at Ankor Wat, you've heard the Mekong Delta is incredible, you'd like to boat around Halong Bay, get lost in Ho Chi Minh City, ride a night train in Thailand...STOP! We won't deny that travel planning is an exciting activity, but sometimes it's nice to let someone do all the hard work for you (no hostel hassle, no transport trouble...). Plus, there's budgeting and time issues - fitting in the best of Indochina when you're on a budget and short of time is a hard task...or is it?
Why not check out our Indochina Discovery tour?
See bustling cities, Angkor Wat, golden beaches, the Mighty Mekong, snorkel reefs, citadels and pagodas, cruise Halong Bay, explore Laos and its stunning limestone karsts, serene Luang Prabang...

30 days, 4 countries, tons of new friends, countless memories, 1 epic tour...
 Indochina Discovery  
The Indochina Discovery is our most popular tour for SO many reasons; you’ll marvel at the simplicity of the people and their cultures – their understanding, tolerance and kindness. You’ll wander through throbbing cities that perfectly blend the sophistication of Europe with the vibrancy of Southeast Asia. You’ll discover ancient temples and lost cities, and you’ll bear witness to some of God’s finest ecological creations – pristine beaches, jungle piercing rivers and majestic misty mountains. You’ll also likely blend the old with the new by picking up more modern memoirs in the form of a sharp new suit! Be prepared to return home newly styled, but also far more enlightened and as a much more contented individual.

Map the tour - get a detailed itinerary of the Indochina Discovery below:

STA Travel staff Indochina testimonials

Martin Hawke, Travel Expert at STA Travel's University of London branch
"I loved the Indochina Discovery as it was a great way to see this exciting region of the world. I got to see all the key sights of regions like Angkor Wat and Halong Bay. We travelled like the locals would but with the assistance of the Chief Experience Officer. We also tucked into the incredible range of food, which on its own made me not want to leave!"

Emma Allen, Digital & Loyalty Marketing Executive, STA Travel Head Office
"I LOVED Vietnam: We hit the bars, had some amazing cocktails, met some locals, and were exploring around the city on the back of their motorbikes in no time - an experience not for the faint hearted! Beautiful Hoi An is every shopaholic's paradise; tailor made clothes galore! My only regret is not leaving enough room in my backpack for them all. One of my favourite Cambodia memories is hiring bikes in Siem Reap and cycling down the river through some villages. The locals were so friendly and welcoming, and some even stopped us to have a chat."

Hannah Berret, Travel Expert at University of London branch
"Angkor Wat is pretty awe-inspiring - stepping into those ancient temples is like being transported back in time, and pretending to be Lara Croft in the famous temple featured Tomb Raider is a must!"

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