Meet the Tailor Made India Experts

Meet the Tailor Made India Experts; our well-travelled experts are completely India obsessed and will do all they can to make sure that you come back from your trip being just the same! With plenty of travel experience from around the world and India under their belts, our experts can give you the best travel advice and tour information to build your India trip around your requirements.

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Alyce Kitching STA Travel Clapham
I am originally from Australia and started travelling after I finished University. My first big holiday was a few months travelling to South Pacific, North America and finished with a few weeks in Europe, from there the travel bug had well and truly set in. I have since started working my way through Asia, with India being a major highlight. I was fortunate that I was able to travel to both North and South India. The Golden Triangle and Rajasthan were followed by a tour of beautiful Kerala.

Favourite India Destination: Udaipur - Stunningly beautiful! Earning its title as Venice of the East, the combination of the lakes and historic architecture make for a very romantic city!

Favourite India Experience: Houseboat in Kerala. This is a very peaceful, relaxing way to spend a day or two. I got to see how the local communities live off the water and how it forms a massive part of their day to day life. You can just sit back and watch the world pass by with stunning tropical scenery, and some incredible seafood!

Top India Tip: When you are eating in a new area of the country, ask for recommendations - you will often get local specialties, that you have never heard of, that taste second to none!

Kulpreet Sangha STA Travel Clapham

I was born in Pune, Maharashtra in India. As my father was in the army, travelling was inevitable. West and South India is very close to my soul. In my teens, I lived in the beautiful city of Chandigarh. After my graduation I moved to Delhi to work in travel. That was just the start of my journey to explore the north of India. Himalayas have been a spiritual journey. I have seen some untouched cities and seen how simple and rural the life is in India. Travelling has helped me to see my country closer and understand, appreciate and respect the differences. As well as India, I've also had the opportunity to travel to Canada and America for 2 years. 

Favourite India Destination: Kashmir – Beautiful, stunning, simple and one of a kind. It has an amazing, adventurous landscape where you can do climbing, rafting, trekking and motorcycling. It's highly spiritual at the same time.

Favourite India Experience: I had dinner with the king and his family in a city in Rajasthan. They were so humble, we had a conversation about the world and I had my own accommodation, with royal treatment. I interacted with locals and ate locally grown food. It was amazing.

Top India Tip: When eating, look for a restaurant where the locals are, the food will be the most authentic. Do your shopping for clothes when you arrive in India, as it will be cheap, comfortable and more suitable for the places you plan to visit.

Nick Bromfield

STA Travel Plymouth

After watching Indiana Jones’ Temple Of Doom for the first time, I knew I needed to see the chaos that is India for myself! I have travelled from the Himalayan provinces of Himshal Pradesh through to the Southern state of Kerala. Travelling by every possible means (Donkey, moped, clapped out bus, train, and rickshaw) I have visited the famous Taj Mahal, the majestic forts and palaces of Rajasthan, the slums in Bombay and the vast beaches in Goa. During my time in India I saw some incredible sights (both pleasant and not so pleasant) and ate some delicious dishes - India is a place like no other!

Favourite India Destination: Rishikesh - spend a day eating veggie dishes and jumping off the Ghats into the Ganges.

Favourite India Experience:
Playing cricket against the locasl in Manali.

Top India Tip:
Drink as much Chai as you can, as you won't find a cheaper cup of tea anywhere in the world!


To speak to one of our Tailor Made India Experts call us on 0333 321 7857 or email