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Multi-stop Flight Tickets

If you're a little shorter on time or money, booking a multi-stop flight is the best way to ensure you still get maximum adventure. Or multi-stop routes are smaller itineraries that might focus on one area of the world instead of everything. Check out some sample itineraries below or call a Round the World Travel Expert on 0333 321 0095* to create your own multi-stop flight.

multi city flight
The Flying Carpet
London - Istanbul - Delhi, travel overland to Chennai - Colombo - London
£499, open to all ages
Call 0333 321 0095*
Beachin' Boomerang
London > Colombo > Singapore > Bali > Darwin > Manila > London
From £999 open to all
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The Nor'Easter

UK > Reykjavik > Toronto - make your own way to - New York > UK

From £339 open to all 
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The Liberty Lasso
Boston > New Orleans - overland to - Austin > Long Beach - overland to - San Francisco > New York
From £279 open to all
Call 0333 321 0095*
Alaskan Mystery
UK > Reykjavik > Anchorage > Seattle > New York > UK
Students/Under 26 From £699
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Biltong to the Big 5
London > Dubai > Cape Town - make your own way to - Johannesburg > Zanzibar - make your own way to - Nairobi > London
Students/Under 26 From £999
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Land Down Under
Sydney - make your own way to - Cairns > Darwin > Perth > Melbourne > Auckland - make your own way to - Christchurch > Sydney
Students/Under 26 From £489
Call 0333 321 0095*

Australia Multi-Stops with Virgin Australia

See the very best of Australia with our Virgin Australia multi-stop flight tickets. Add some glam to your backpacker lifestyle: The Domestic Economy experience on Virgin Australia is far from standard and you can enjoy superior quality and value for money with comfort and award winning service. Virgin Australia flies to 45 destinations down under, so take your pick form one of our sample multi-stop routes or speak to our Travel Experts and create your own adventure.


Vigrin Australia multi-stop
Perth > Melbourne > Hamilton Island > Sydney
From £309
Call 0333 321 0095*
VA multi-stoop
Perth>Melbourne>Hamilton Island>Brisbane
From £289
Call 0333 321 0095*
VA multi-stoop
Melbourne > Tasmania > Sydney - make your own way to- Brisbane >Cairns
From £219
Call 0333 321 0095
VA multi-stop
Perth > Darwin -make your own way to - Ayers Rock > Sydney > Gold Coast
From £309
Call 0333 321 0095

Contact a Travel Expert to create your own multi-stop flight

What is a Multi-stop flight?

A multi-stop is a flight ticket which includes stops in multiple cities on the way to your final destination. There are no limits on the amount of stops that you can do, and we will tailor make your itinerary so that you can go exactly where you want. Our unique partnerships with the world's leading airlines mean that we negotiate exclusive fares and routes, getting you the cheapest price around.
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Looking for a one way multi-stop?

Don't fancy coming back? We don't blame you! If you're headed Down Under for a working holiday or to live there indefinitely, our one way multi-stops turn a long haul flight into a mini adventure!
One Way Multi-stops

Do multi-stop flights have flexible dates?

Some of our flight tickets allow you to change your dates without paying expensive date change fees. To get this flexibility, add one of our MultiFLEX passes to your ticket, and make easy date changes on the road. Ask us which tickets are eligible.

Can I book multi-stop flights online?

You can search for shorter multi-city flights online using our search widget below. However, if you want to create your own route with more than four stops, it is best to call one of our Travel Experts, as they will be able to negotiate the cheapest fares and put together more complicated itineraries.

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