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Big & mini adventures

Kakadu adventures

Fancy journeying through the outback? Croc spotting on the river or a cruise to Katherine Gorge? Discover the people, places and history of the Northern Territory with one of our tours...

Kakadu safari adventures | Big adventures | Mini adventures


Safari adventures

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4WD Kakadu Safari

2 Days

Start & Finish: Darwin
Want a taste of Kakadu National Park, but a little short on time? Prepare for the perfect solution! Lap up the sights and sounds of the Australian outback on this action packed two-day safari. Meander along fresh water rivers as crocodiles bob past, learn about aboriginal rock art and explore various wonderful waterfalls. You’ll spend your night at a permanent campsite, surrounded by the untamed wilds of Kakadu.



4WD Kakadu Unleashed Safari

3 Days

Start & Finish: Darwin
If you’re young and fit and you fancy a little action, then this is the only way to explore Kakadu. It includes strenuous hikes and basic bush camping (sleeping in swags with no tents) often in remote locations. You’ll feel a million miles away from the unwelcome sounds and smells of city life, as you sail away into sleep below twinkling panoramic skies to the sonorous sonics of the Aussie Outback.



4WD Kakadu Litchfield Safari

3 Days

Start & Finish: Darwin
This is the classic tour to see Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks. Three days in a 4WD exploring waterfalls, searching for crocs and admiring ancient aboriginal rock art. You’ll bask in warm tropical plunge pools, hike through outback escarpments and tell tales every night in your comfortable, permanent campsite. The stark and captivating beauty of Kakadu and Litchfield will leave you in a delightful daze.



Top End Safari

5 Days

Start & Finish: Darwin
Who says Safaris are only for Africa? This 5day adventure introduces you to the primitive pleasures of outback Australia as you explore the wonders of Kakadu, Litchfield and Katherine Gorge. With a massively diverse range of flora, fauna and animal life, this is an adventure playground designed, managed and governed by Mother Nature.



Big adventures

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Red Rocket

7 Days


Alice Springs to Darwin

• See sunrise and sunset over Uluru (Ayers Rock)
• Experience the outback lifestyle at Banka Banka Cattle Station
• Canoe down Katherine Gorge watching out for crocs
• Explore Kakadu National Park



Alice Springs - Darwin (& vice-versa)

6 days

• Stay at the Banka Banka Cattle Station for a taste of outback life
• Take a dip in Mataranka’s thermal springs
• Canoe down impressive Katherine Gorge’s waters
• Spot crocodiles along the Adelaide River
• Soak in the spray of Jim Jim and Twin waterfalls (seasonal).



Up the Track

6 days



Alice Springs to Darwin

• Check out the amazing isolated Devils Marbles rock formations
• Explore World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park
• Enjoy a refreshing swim at Mataranka
• Head out on an epic wildlife, croc, and birdlife spotting cruise
• Visit Florence Falls and Wangi Falls in Litchfield National Park



Darwin to Adelaide

14 Days



Darwin to Adelaide

• Hop on a crocodile cruise in the Mary River Wetlands
• Camp under the stars in a traditional Aussie swag
• Watch a dramatic sunset and sunrise over Uluru (Ayers Rock)
• Stay underground in the mining town of Coober Pedy
• Take in dramatic panoramas of Wilpena Pound



Cloud 9

9 Days

Darwin to Alice Springs

• Soak up Litchfield National Park’s waterfall spray
• Canoe down Katherine Gorge
• Take in fabulous views over the Nardab floodplain
• Grab a beer at the Territory’s oldest pub - the Daly Waters
• Witness sunset and sunrise over Uluru (Ayers Rock)




Rock 'n' Top

10 Days

Alice Springs to Darwin

• Explore mystical Kata Tjuta (The O lgas)
• Watch sunset and sunrise at Uluru
• Take an informative base walk at Uluru
• Explore Kings Canyon’s immense gorges
• Experience magnificent Kakadu N.P
• Canoe down Katherine Gorge
• Explore Litchfield National Park
• Visit Kings Creek cattle station



Red Centre mini adventures

Experience Description Price from Experience it 

Just The Centre

3 days

Start & Finish: Alice Springs or Uluru

Departing Alice at 12noon you’ll travel through a myriad of classic outback scenes including vibrant red dune country and the craggy ranges of Central Australia. Those starting the tour from Uluru will join up at 1pm before you all settle into a secluded campsite near Kings Canyon. Awake early for an amazing morning hike around the rim of the Canyon. Marvel at the sandstone domes of the Lost City, sheer cliff top views along the North and South Walls and the almost tropical Garden of Eden. Travel towards Uluru and check out the cultural centre before you gaze at the sunset over Ayers Rock. Get up nice and early the next day and go for a very satisfying stroll around the base of Ayers Rock. You’ll then hike and explore the many sandstone domes at Kata Tjuta. Either finish at Yulara at 12 noon or stay aboard and arrive back in Alice Springs in the early evening.


Red Centre Highlights

2 Days

Start & Finish: Alice Springs

If you are short on time but you simply have to explore the highlights of the Red Centre then look no further. You’ll set off towards Kings Canyon to explore the spectacular North and South Walls, the 'Amphitheatre', 'Lost City' and the 'Garden of Eden'. After lunch, travel onto Uluru for an overnight stay in a comfortable campsite. Arise early the next day for the magnificent Uluru sunrise. Walk around the base and explore the mysterious rock formations and Aboriginal art sites. You’ll also visit the amazing red domes of Kata Tjuta. After a bite to eat you’ll head back to Alice Springs. Gaze at the rugged desert scenery as you slowly absorb all the wonders you have just witnessed.


Uluru Safari

3 Days

Start & Finish: Alice Springs

This is the classic Red Centre tour. Take your time, as you spend three days exploring all the big highlights. Start on the first day with a visit to a camel farm, before you shoot on over to your camp at Uluru. Explore Kata Tjuta and hike the Valley of the Winds before you curl up for the night. Arise early for the awesome Uluru sunrise and walk around the base – you’ll also check out the cultural centre. Camp that night at Kings Canyon. Get up on your final day and explore the spectacular North and South Walls, the 'Amphitheatre', 'Lost City' and the 'Garden of Eden' before you head on back to Alice Springs.



Red Centre Safari

4 Days

Start & Finish: Alice Springs

Spend 4 days exploring the highlights of the Red Centre - Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon - in a comfortable 16 seat 4WD vehicle. Get off the beaten track and travel along the less travelled Mereenie Loop road in the majestic Western Macdonnell Ranges.


Rock 'n' Canyon

4 Days

Start & Finish: Alice Springs

The Red Centre of Australia is magical and mysterious. There is an ethereal quality to this amazing part of the country that you won’t quite comprehend. But you’ll feel inspired by what surrounds you – you’ll be in constant awe of the intangible spirituality. This 4day feast of fascination will open up your mind to the wonders of Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon as you happily explore with your fellow adventurers.


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