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Once in a lifetime

Looking for a truly unforgettable trip? See some of the least trodden and remote regions of the world and cover huge distances on iconic trips.
Climb to Everest Base Camp 
Everest Adventure, 15 days fr £659
Everest is more than a mountain. And the journey to its base camp is more than just a trek. Along a route dubbed by some as “the steps to heaven”, every bend in the trail provides another photo opportunity. Our full trekking support staff will bring you close to local cultures before opening a window to the top of the world.
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Trek Kilimangaro

Kilmangaro Trek, 7 days fr £959
At 5895m, Mt Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest peak and this adventure along the Marangu Route will get you to the top safely, quickly and with your budget in mind. Overnight in mountain huts and awake ready to conquer the slopes. As a leader in Kili treks, we'll take you to new heights in adventure on your way to the roof of Africa.
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Trek The Inca Trail

Inca Trail Trek, 7 days fr £509
The four-day Inca Trail trek will reward you with a stunning combination of the region’s ruins, mountainscapes and cloud forests. Because we run our own treks, we can ensure the fair treatment of our porters and the quality of food and equipment so that you’re free to enjoy the beauty of the region. Find out more >

Ride the Vodkatrain

The Vodkatrain, 21 days fr £1960
This is the most popular Trans Mongolian trip and the only one that includes a stop in St. Petersburg. Travel across two continents, three countries and seven time zones. Find out more >

Explore Antarctica

Antartica Classic, 11 days fr £4009
Join us on a true adventure to a world of immense scale and visual splendour. Passing huge icebergs in the flat calm of a polar morning will reshape the way you look at your world. Encounter huge whales, enormous rookeries of penguins and stunning landscapes few have ever witnessed. Find out more >

Overland Africa
Cape Town to Nairobi, 40 days fr £2499
Journey across nearly half of the African continent and soak up the vibrant colours, culture and scenery of seven countries. Our overland trucks are an adventurous and inexpensive way to enjoy the region’s intriguing combination of wilderness and bright city lights, while camping under Africa’s big sky for will provide a unique perspective. Find out more >
Travel across South America

Southern Cross, 45 days fr £2689
From the Nazca Lines and the heights of Incan archeology to the beach at Ipanema, this 45-day long tour provides limitless opportunities for adventure. Explore the wetlands of the Pantanal, thundering Iguassu Falls and the bizarre landscape of the Salar de Uyuni. Find out more > 

USA Road Trip

Roadtrip America Westbound, 22 days fr £1410
Up for a cross-country journey? Then sign up for this roadtrip from New York City to San Francisco with plenty of exciting stops in between. Discover some of America's greatest national parks, live it up in Vegas, feel dwarfed by the Grand Canyon and discover a vibrant blend of musical traditions in New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville. Find out more >

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