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Rail passes

Gap Year Rail Pass
We cover the most extensive range of countries and destinations available by rail, all at some of the most competitive prices available - search more rail products than anyone else in the world!

Take Eurail through Switzerland

InterRail Europe

Buy InterRail passes online
There's a range of InterRail passes to choose from; from the InterRail Global Pass that covers the whole Europe, to the Interrail One Country Pass that allows you to build your pass depending on wherever you want to go!


Not from a European country?
If you are from a country outside of Europe, and have not yet been living or travelling within the UK or Europe for at least six months, it is not possible for you to purchase InterRail. The good news, however, is that a similar product exists with Eurail.

If you have forgotten to purchase your Eurail pass prior to leaving your home country, we can still arrange for you to buy a Eurail Global Pass or Eurail Select Pass, in person at our London Victoria store. We can also help you if you have lost or damaged your pass, or had it stolen during your travels. Book in our London Victoria store
Train at Darwin station

Australia Rail Passes

Rail Australia has an extensive rail network which offers the opportunity to travel the country and see the real Australia in comfort and safety.

New Zealand Rail Passes

On a world scale, New Zealand is a small country (similar in size to Great Britain), but with a population of only 4.4 million, there are wide-open spaces to enjoy. See them all by train...

USA rail travel

North America Rail Passes

Experience the best that the USA haS to offer by travelling on some of the greatest trains in the world.
Eat sushi in Japan with STA Travel

Japan Rail Passes

Explore the "Land of the Rising Sun" with the Japan Rail Pass; covering all of the Japan Rail Network giving you the freedom to explore the whole of this ancient country.
Korea rail travel

Korea Rail Passes

Since the introduction of the high speed KTX trains, Korean rail has connected major towns and cities offering faster and more efficient rail throughout the country.
Roam Vietnam, Laos Thailand

Vietnam Rail Tickets

Get information on train schedules and services within Vietnam and find out what to expect once on board...

South Africa Rail Passes

Take a journey into a timeless world of grace, elegance and romance, where spectacular scenery stirs your imagination and luxurious comfort soothes your body and soul.
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