How to be a responsible traveller...

Make sure you do your bit for the planet and its people on your travels. Responsible travel is about lightening our tread on this globe and giving back to the places we roam...Check out our mega easy but effective tips that can help you make a big difference when you're away.


Offset the carbon emissions of your flight.
Pack small quantities of natural, non-toxic toiletries, cosmetics, and laundry soap, as they can be difficult to find or expensive.
Unplug your computer, television, microwave, etc.  All these items draw power even when switched off; be sure to unplug them before you leave.
Take a re-useable shopping bag.

When visiting protected areas learn and follow all regulations. Remember the fees you pay to use these areas support local efforts to conserve them.
Turn off your air conditioner or set it a few degrees higher when you’re away from your room.
Request fresh, local, organic or sustainably harvested ingredients.
Don’t buy souvenirs made from endangered or protected species.
Take public transportation, walk, or bike instead of driving.
Carry a re-useable water bottle.

Send any promised photos and cards to the people who hosted you.
Share stories of your trip and how your incorporated sustainability into it; your experiences will inspire others to do the same.
Return to your favourite places on one of our volunteering or voluntouring projects (see our Volunteering brochure).