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round the world flights

What is a Round the World flight?

Round the World flights allow you to travel to multiple places around the world on one round-trip ticket. Tick off places that you want to see, from India to Thailand, Sydney to Auckland, Brazil to LA. With STA Travel's exclusive BlueTicket airfares, you will find the lowest prices for students and under 30s and get total flexibility.  
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What is a Multi-stop flight?

If you're short on time or cash, a multi-stop might be the better option for you. With a multi-stop ticket, you can focus on one area of the world and fly to a few destinations on your trip. These tickets cost a little less than big Round the World trips, and you can choose from our popular itineraries or create your own route with our Round the World Travel Experts.
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How to book your Round the World trip

Get inspired online

Take a look at our Top RTW Routes and multi-stop flights online, or gather ideas for creating your own itinerary. We fly to destinations all over the world - so wherever you want to go, we can make it happen.

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Call our Round the World Experts

When you're ready to get started, give our dedicated Round the World Experts team a call on 0333 321 0095*, or book an appointment in store to meet us face to face!

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Plan and book your trip

We'll help you find the cheapest possible route to fit your budget. Once you've booked your flights, our Travel Experts can sort out your visas, tours, accommodation, travel insurance and give you some handy travel tips to get you on your way!

Video Inspo: Director's Cut | Round the World in 120 Seconds

You could spend a whole year travelling around the world. But we've summed all 47,727 miles up in 120 seconds!
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Meet the Experts

Meet Hugh
Countries travelled: 110! Favourite STA Travel Round the World route: Fly South for the Winter.
Meet Reanna
Top countries: Argentina, New Zealand and USA. Round the World experience: one 2 year long round the world trip and then lots of multi-stops since.
Meet Al
Favourite destination: Asia. Perfect Round the World trip: anything that involves travelling around, whether in Europe or an idyllic island in the Pacific.

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Round The World Flight Routes

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some of our most popular Round the World routes, which you can call us to book or add in a few extra stops to create your own.
mighty mighty
The Mighty Mighty
UK > BANGKOK > SYDNEY > AUCKLAND > FIJI > LOS ANGELES - make your own way to - New York > UK
Student/Under 26 from £1,249 | From £1,539 open to all
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Rock My World
UK > Dubai > Melbourne - make your own way to - Sydney > Los Angeles - make your own way to - New York > UK
Student/Under 26 from £999 | From £1,049 open to all
View this route
nor'easter multistop
The Nor'Easter
UK > Reykjavik > Toronto - make your own way to - New York > UK
From £339 open to all 
View this route

How do round the world tickets work?

In short, a round the world ticket with STA Travel enables you to discover multiple countries around the world with one all-inclusive flight itinerary. Simply speak with one of our knowledgeable round the world experts, let them know where you’d like to visit and they’ll do all the leg-work and find you the best possible deal.

How much does a Round the World ticket cost?

The cost of a Round the World ticket varies depending on the amount of stops and distance travelled. The more countries you fly to, the more it costs. Smaller multi-stops range from £339 to £999, but you can still travel around the world for under £1000 - just check out our Rock My World and Across the Pond routes! If you're a student or under 30 years old, you can take advantage of our exclusive BlueTicket fares to save more money or book further in advance to get the best deals.

I'm not a student, can I still book?

Absolutely! Students, teachers and fully-grown adults... we have Round the World flights for all adventurers! No matter who you are, we have the cheapest, most flexible and unique airfares on the market.

Can I change the flight dates on a round the world ticket?

Yes, with STA Travel's MultiFLEX passes, you can make easy date changes on the road without having to worry about expensive airline fees. Just ask us which tickets are eligible for the pass and choose the different options available. While you're away, contact our Global Travel Help team, available 24/7, with any problems or changes to your booking.

Do I have to fly around the world?

No. Some tickets will take you all the way around the world in one general direction, but if you're not into that, you can go out and back the same way or just casually circle a continent or two. We even do one-way multi-stops for when you're headed Down Under for a working holiday and want to explore a few countries on the way.

Can I use the £49 flight deposit on Round the World tickets?

Yes you can! To give you more time to save for your trip, guarantee the lowest price seats with a £49 deposit and pay the rest before you fly. Ask us which of our tickets are eligible.