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'We cut through the centre of town towards the Art Galleries and the Parque del Buen Retiro, and on the way came across dozens of amazing buildings. The architecture in Madrid is something else. A lot is neoclassical, but then there were some (like the fake moss covered one in the photo album) which are ultra-modern and way out of left field.  Oh, and they love their fountains…'
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‘Barcelona to me was way better than Madrid, it still had the historical feel about it but yet it seemed young and happening.  Even walking down the streets at midnight the place is still alive, it seems that it never sleeps (except on Sunday morning), but even then there was a feeling in the air that something big was about to happen’.
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‘So, what can I say... I LOVE IBIZA!!!!  We had the best time in the end…once we got over the language barrier, and we became familiar with our surroundings, we had the most amazing time’
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