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Gift Cards

Gift Card
Grab a Gift Card this Christmas! Whether you want to give as a present, or hint to a loved one for your upcoming travels, our Gift Card is perfect for all occasions. Top it up with any amount and give it to someone special, or use it to save for your ultimate travelling adventure...

White water raft

Fr £52
Experience the best rafting experience in the world! Rafting is a fantastic experience where the white water seethes with exhilaration! But be prepared to get soaked! But do not worry, this is perfectly safe.


fr £149
Fancy an adrenaline day? There is no greater challenge than hurtling towards the earth in free-fall! Your nerves will be tested from the very beginning when you will meet your fully qualified and experienced instructor. Try it, you will never forget it! (And it's perfectly safe! Yes, we do promise).
glacier Hiking

Hike glaciers

fr £63
Experience the ultimate glacier hiking adventure and explore a unique environment!
bungee jump

Bungee jump

fr £82
This will definitely be the ideal adrenaline pumping experience day you could ever looking for! Experience the thrill of bungee jumping! What could really be more exciting than seeing the earth rushing towards you as you accelerate?!

Scuba diving

Fr £88
You want to explore the underwater? Is it still a mystery for you? Than this experience will give you the key to unlock its amazing beauty!

Surf lessons

Fr £31
Can you imagine yourself riding a wave on an amazing beach? You are a beginner? Take a lesson to get you safely up and onto your very first wave!

Cheap Flights

Cheap flights worldwide

STA Travel have some amazing flight deals to worldwide destinations. Check out our low fares & book your flight today.

Round the world flight, NZ

Round the world

Find your perfect route

Whether you’re taking a break before or after uni or getting away from the rat race for a bit, we've got a route for you!

Adventure tours

Adventure Tours

Adventure tours

Go beyond the tourist trail and delve into the essence of a country on one of our adventure tours.

Accommodation in Lima


Cheap hotels & hostels

From beach breaks to city stays, we've got a room to suit every traveller! Check out our cheap hotels and hostels worldwide.


Get yourself covered

Travelling without getting yourself insured is bonkers. So we won't say this again: Make sure you get travel insurance!



Holiday & working visas

Visas can be crucial to planning your trip, whether you're dancing in Cuba or working in Australia or NZ.

Volunteering abroad


Travel with purpose

Participate in a range of global projects that help to make a real difference to communities & the environment.

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