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Tailor Made Asia

Unique Asian Experiences

We like to think of our Tailor Made service to be a little like Asian street food. With us you can take your pick of the most varied and authentic experiences, just like you might decide to try the delicious pad thai but leave the sticky crickets! Like street food, our tailor made options are endless - just pick where you want to go, what you want to do and how much you have to spend, and we'll sort the rest!


From the tropical backwaters of Southern India to the mighty metropolis of Tokyo, Asia is a vast continent full of colour and contrast. Spanning 11 time zones there is so much to see and do. Whether you're keen to explore the great cities of the Orient with the likes of Shanghai and Bangkok, want to relax on an exotic island, fancy trying your hand at haggling in vibrant markets, or wish to uncover the secrets of ancient temples? Asia has what you're looking for. Not sure where to start with the planning? Our Tailor Made team can put together your perfect Asian itinerary. Just let me know where tickles your fancy and they'll get to work on the details.

Oriental & Southeast Asia Destination Inspiration


Head to Japan to experience the distinct and intriguing Japanese culture. From neon, stimulating, jam-packed cities to snow-capped Mt. Fuji, and beautiful crystal clear beaches to mountain Buddhist monasteries, Japan is truly unforgettable.
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Take a step back as Thailand throws everything it’s got at you; friendly people, sacred sites from days gone by and the beaches... oh, the beaches *sigh*. We promise that you'll fall in love with this country, no matter which part of it you want to see. Our Tailor Made Asia experts are bursting with ideas for your Thailand adventure...
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After years of isolation, the road into Myanmar's fragile green lands are paved with long awaited anticipation. Uncover the nostalgic southeast Asia of your imagination, with breathtaking countryside knitted into rice paddies, gently curious cities and ethereal landscapes dotted with temples.
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The Philippines has it all - crystal clear coral waters, emerald rice paddies and lush green rainforests. Not to mention the fact that it's a bit of a haven for watersports enthusiasts and lazy beach bums!
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Vietnam & Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia are a little like salt and pepper - each very different but they work really well when they come as a pair. From the iconic temples of Cambodia to the world-famous food of Vietnam and bundles of beaches, rice paddies and buzzing cities, these two countries make for a diverse tailor made itinerary...
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Imagine a fusion of fascinating ethnic communities, some of the best landscapes and the best wildlife and you've got a glimpse of what Borneo has to offer.
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Indian Subcontinent Destination Inspiration


Epic, vibrant, bustling, colourful - India is a true adventure, a journey into the great unknown. From the energy of Mumbai to the tropics of Kerala, this is a place like no other, where spirituality and tradition collide with the modern world.
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Sri Lanka

Perfect for a getaway with a difference, Sri Lanka has that ideal mix of culture and relaxation. Visit the island's incredible ruins, explore its exotic spice and tea plantations and kick back on beaches straight out of paradise.
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