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Unique Tailor Made Itineraries

Head to Japan to experience the distinct and intriguing Japanese culture. From neon, stimulating, jam-packed cities to snow-capped Mt. Fuji, and beautiful crystal clear beaches to mountain Buddhist monasteries, Japan is truly unforgettable. Japan isn't just about the big cities - why not ski or snowbaord down the white powder slopes, snorkel through azure waters, trek through stunning mountainous scenery and check out some of the world's freshest and tastiest food!

A taste of Japan - 9 days

Be fascinated by Tokyo's neon lights, gizmos and gadgets and karaoke bars. Admire stunning Mt Fuji with an overnight stay at an 'onsen' (hot spring) lodge. Discover the Zen gardens, colourful Shinto shrines and exquisite Geisha girls in Kyoto. Feast in Osaka - Japan's culinary capital! Try octopus balls, teppanyaki and fresh sushi plus loads more!
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Your Tailor Made Includes:

Airport transfers, trains, private cars and domestic flights as required by your itinerary. All accommodaiton to a standard and budget of your choice. Unforgettable experiences and sightseeing with local guides. The services of an English speaking local team throughout.

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Highlights: Tokyo

Big business, mega brands, state-of-the-art mobile phones, karaoke bars and hand-down the world's best sushi - welcome to Tokyo. Strut around Harajuku for off-the-runway fashion and garish neon get-ups. Explore the entertainment centres of Golden Gai, then relax in the charming Japanese gardens in Ginza. Feeling flash? Try out some kobe beef and stomach-warming saki!
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Highlights: Kyoto & Osaka

Discover Kyoto - with its heritage-listed temples, sublime Zen gardens, colourful Shinto shrines and Geisha girls, it's little surprise Kyoto was the former Imperial capital of Japan. Or why not check out Osaka - offering stunning nightscapes, a world-class aquarium, tako-yaki dumplings and gregarious locals; this modern city really packs a punch!
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Highlights: Mt Fuji & Hakone National Park

Take a thrilling ride on the bullet train from Tokyo and enjoy a memorable trip up the perfectly formed Mt Fuji. Enjoy a cruise on beautiful Lake Ashi and a cable car trip up Mt Komogatake for a view of Hakone National Park, one of the countrie's prettiest parks. Stay at an 'onsen' (hot spring) hotel and discover the stunning cherry blossom trees overlooking the snow-capped peaks.
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Unforgettable Experiences...

Japan has plenty of unforgettable experiences on offer…ride the bullet train throughout Japan, witness the white-painted faces and exquisite kimonos of the Geisha girls, sample the worlds best and freshest sushi or try out 'teppanyaki', hit the white powder slopes in Hakuba, explore the historical city of Hiroshima or discover Japan's paradise beaches.
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