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Latin America Tailor Made

Tailor Made Latin America

Bespoke Itineraries in the Americas

Welcome to Tailor Made Latin America. Fancy taking on this mighty continent? Want to explore its ins and outs, from the balmy north to the ice fields of the south, from the hustle and bustle of the cities to the exotic sounds of the jungles? Specialising in bespoke itineraries our Tailor Made team can turn your Latin bucket list into a reality!

Your unique Latin America itinerary

From the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to the glaciers of Patagonia, Latin America is a world of contrasts. Take on the flamboyance of Rio and encounter secluded Andean villages - this continent has it all. Its dramatic scenery and landscapes are picture-perfect, and its sheer size is at once awe-inspiring, if a little daunting. But let any feeling of overwhelm be put at ease by out Latin America Tailor Made team.  We work with the best local providers to create bespoke private itineraries to suit your personal wanderlust, comfort levels and budget. Whether you see yourself trekking through jungles in Costa Rica, following in the footsteps of the Inca in Peru, or learning to tango in Argentina, we can create your perfect Latin American adventure.

Central America Destination Inspiration


There's a lot of talk about this island at the moment and Cuba has been named time and time again as one of this year's must see destinations. This an exciting time for Cuba and this period of transition makes it a fascinating time to visit. By no means a simple country to travel around, our Tailor Made team will take the stress out of planning your trip and ensure you a smooth visit.
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So much more than tequilas and sombreros, Mexico has a vibrant, colourful culture, is home to incredible Aztec and Mayan ruins, beautiful colonial towns and an epic coastline. Indulge in delicious, fiery cuisine, catapult yourself into the excitement of local fiestas, and discover the country's modern side in mighty Mexico City.
See Tailor Made Mexico

Costa Rica

Known for its outdoor adventures, Costa Rica is home to epic volcanic settings, exotic wildlife and thick jungle landscapes. For those who love exploring the wild side of nature, this is the place for you.
See Tailor Made Costa Rica
Our Tailor Made Latin America team also offer itineraries in Panama and Guatemala.

South America Destination Inspiration


From the wild and winding Amazon to gushing Iguassu falls, the cobbled streets of Salvador to the colourful, climbing Favelas - Brazil is one hulk of a country. Unearth the beauty of this vast chunk of South America with a tailor made itinerary including all you want to see.
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Go wine tasting in Mendoza, wander Buenos Aires' bohemian quarter of San Telmo, indulge in the dramatic scenery of Bariloche and be awe-inspired by the glaciers of Perito Moreno - Argentina rewards visitors with memories that last a lifetime.
See Tailor Made Argentina


With deep jungles, mountain ranges, a Caribbean coast, old cobbled towns and bustling cities, Colombia has it all and never fails to impress. Let our Tailor Made team put together a trip of a lifetime to this exciting and exotic nation.
See Tailor Made Colombia

Peru & Bolivia

Often paired together, these Andean nations guarantee all visitors one sure fire adventure. From the heights of Machu Picchu to the shores of Lake Titicaca, the beauty of Arequipa to the mesmerising salt flats of Uyuni, Peru and Bolivia never fail to captivate and inspire.
See Tailor Made Peru & Bolivia
Our Tailor Made Latin America team also offer itineraries in Chile and multi-country routes.