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A wild blend of white, powdery beaches, snow-dusted Mt. Kilimanjaro and enough animals in their natural habitat to put any zoo to shame, this is astounding Tanzania. Your safari options are endless; spot the Big 5 in the epic Serengeti, spot tropical fish in Lake Tanganyika or track black rhino in the Ngorongoro Crater.

Tanzania Explorer - 8 days

Highlights: Enjoy spectacular views from the top of Ngorongoro Crater, be part of the greatest animal show on Earth at Serengeti NP, search for tree-climbing lions, giant elephants and pink flamingos at Lake Manyara, discover the Maasai culture at local villages in Arusha. Ask our experts to add on a beach extension in Zanzibar, or how about a trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro?
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Airport transfers, trains, private cars and domestic flights as required by your itinerary. All accommodaiton to a standard and budget of your choice. Unforgettable experiences and sightseeing with local guides. The services of an English speaking local team throughout.

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Mount Kilimanjaro

If you've ever wanted to do something truly amazing, that's as far removed from a lazy beach holiday as possible, then Mt Kilimanjaro is calling you! By day, join the great explorers and mountaineers in scaling Africa's highest peak, hiking through lush rainforests, alpine deserts and glaciers. By night, sleep closer to the stars than you ever have before.
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Highlights: Serengeti NP

Offering beautiful landscapes, some of the world's best wildlife viewing and also easily accessible, it's no wonder the Serengeti NP is one of the most popular and famous safari destinations. Settle into the Serengeti and hold your breath as lions casually pad past, gawp at stampedes of wildebeest and just sit back as you pass herds of enormous elephants.
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Highlights: Zanzibar

Close your eyes and imagine turquiose waters, exquisite coral reefs and powdery white sand. Welcome to beautiful Zanzibar; an exotic archipelago shaken with spectacular sunsets and stirred with tranquil bliss. Popularly known as the Spice Island, because of the tounge-tingling cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon, this stunning dot in the Indian Ocean is definitely one for your African hit list.
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Unforgettable Experiences

Take a hot air ballon ride over Serengeti NP, Spot wildlife at Lake Manyara NP, Go Dhow Sailling around the exotic islands off Tanzania, Hike to the snowy peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro, Enjoy amazing views of the Ngorongoro Crater and experience an explosion of tastes and smells on a Spice Tour in Zanzibar.
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