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tailor made travel

Tailor Made Travel

Unique Adventures Created For You

To us, the joy of Tailor Made Travel is the freedom to DIY your own trip - creating experiences that are extraordinary and itineraries that are unique to you. Not everybody wants to follow the backpacker trail or go on a tour. Tailor Made lets you plan a trip where you only go where you want to and leave out the bits that you don't, whilst our Tailor Made Experts make it happen.

Why Tailor Made?

If you have your dream trip mapped out in your head but haven't got the foggiest about how start sorting how to get from A to B, then Tailor Made Travel is perfect. Whether you're a group of friends that want a bespoke itinerary to suit everybody, or maybe you just like to do things your own way, you decide on the what, where, when and how much. Then we figure out the how!

We Are The Experts

This is what makes us so special. Our Tailor Made experts are just as obsessed with travelling this crazy beautiful world as you’re going to be. With plenty of travel experience from around the world and priceless insider knowledge of the country you’re going to, our travel experts will help you to create your perfect trip.
Meet the Experts

Your Personal Guide

We only use the best in-country ground handlers, trusted hotels, local guides and private drivers. You'll be met by a representative in each new location, joined by a local guide with inside knowledge of each experience, and have a driver on hand throughout to safely get you to where you need to be...
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Where Can Our Tailor Made Team Take You?

Tailor Made Asia

We adore the intoxicating crazinesss, colour and general joyous confusion of Asia, but we’re also aware that this is one part of the world where a little order and guidance can make all the difference to your experience (if you’ve ever tried to book a train in India you’ll understand what we mean). We can create you a unique Asian adventure tailored to your needs.
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From the peaks of Machu Picchu to the epic expanse of Uyuni, the idyllic beaches of the Yucatán to the vibrant streets of Havana - Latin America is home to a dramatic range of scenery, bustling cities and exciting cultures. Let our Tailor Made team do all the hard work and plan your perfect Latino adventure!
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Tailor Made Africa

Take to the open road across the spectacular African coastline and journey through the very best of a continent where you can experience both the best city life and the wild African bush. Prepare for golden sunsets, mysterious landscapes and a brilliant introduction to some of Africa's amazing cultures and cuisines. Explore all this and more at your own pace...
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