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TEFL internships
TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) is an increasingly popular venture for people wishing to pack their bags and explore the world whilst gaining a unique teaching experience at the same time. Come along to one of our free Work Abroad travel talks to find out more about working abroad.

Online TEFL Courses

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Fully accredited TEFL qualifications

The essential teaching qualification for TEFL jobs worldwide, internationally recognised and accepted across the globe.

• Study from anywhere in the world
• Access your course from any device
• Full support from your personal tutor
• Full classroom training
• TEFL tips, advice and resources
• 99% pass rate!

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TEFL Internships

Unique teaching experiences abroad


Online training and teaching experiences in China, Thailand, Cambodia, and South Africa.

• Full online training and TEFL qualification
• Airport pick up and transfers
• Orientation and training in-country
• Accommodation and meals
• Certified practical teaching experience
• Full support in country
• Incredible trips and social events

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How much can you earn as a qualified TEFL teacher?

• North Asia
Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and more up to £2000 per month
• South East Asia
Thailand, Vietnam and more up to £1000 per month
• Central and Eastern Europe
Many destinations up to £1000 per month
• Western Europe
France, Germany, Spain and more up to £1800 per month
• Middle East
Saudi Arabia and more up to £2600 per month 

Why take a TEFL course?

Our online TEFL training course is everything you need to start your teaching adventure abroad! With international accreditation and our access to valuable TEFL contacts all around the globe, you’ll be on your way to earning and living abroad before you know it.

Our TEFL courses are recognised worldwide and are an essential tool on your belt when applying for teaching positions abroad.

Do I need a degree to teach English overseas?

While having a degree allows you to get a working visa in more countries, there are many countries where a degree is not required.

I don’t have any teaching experience, can I still teach English overseas?

Yes. While teaching experience can be beneficial in finding work, it’s certainly not essential. The most important attribute to any employer is that you’re keen and have a good understanding of the English language (non-native speakers will need to demonstrate this).

Will I need to speak the local language?

No. In fact many schools prefer that you know very little, if any at all! You will however get the chance to learn the local language while you’re there, and some schools even offer free tutoring.

How long will the course take to finish?

It depends on your own working speed but the 120 hour online course usually takes 6-8 weeks. You have 3 months to complete it from the time you start the course.

Are there any eligibility requirements for the TEFL courses?

Anyone can do a TEFL course regardless of whether you are a native English speaker. If English is not your first language, call usor find your local store for more information.

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