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Teachers card

The International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) gives you thousands of travel, online and lifestyle discounts. It’s accepted in the UK & worldwide, and is yours for just £12!

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Thousands of discounts worldwide...
You’ll save loads by using your ITIC with more than 18,000 businesses - In the UK and when travelling to over 100 countries like Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Egypt, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania and the USA.

On almost everything
You’ll get discounts on restaurants, guidebooks, travel gear, hotels, tours, attractions, museums, galleries, audio phrase books, CDs & DVDs, takeaways, and even carbon offsetting. 

New benefits in the UK include:

▪ 20% off National Express
▪ 50% off Tastecard - was £79.99 cardholder rate £39.99
▪ 30% off Lonely Planet

Browse all 18,000 deals using the International Teacher Identity Card Discount Finder below.

And travel vaccinations...
With 10% off at STA Travel clinics!

Plus save on roaming mobile calls...
Save up to 70% while abroad, plus take one UK number & voicemail with you.  This great little SIM is yours FREE when you make a single £10 top-up!

For the whole year
Your ITIC sees you right through the academic year.  It’s valid from Sept, for up to 16 months, till Dec the following year!

Can I get one?
Full-time teachers, lecturers, professors, tutors and other educational professionals are eligible.  Just show a Faculty ID, letter on letterhead stationary or other suitable document confirming your employment status.

Make your money go further with all these savings.  Yours for £12.  That’s just a few pence per week!

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