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Destination Inspiration

The Land Down Under, 'Straya' or Aus, whatever you want to call it, Australia is like nowhere else. There are many reasons to travel to Australia. Even excluding the glorious weather, this vast and diverse country is packed full of wild adventures, and the famous Aussie lifestyle is envied all over the world. Tropical beaches, deserted red Outback plains, cosmopolitan cities, Australia has it all.

When to visit Australia

Australia is famous for its long summer months. From November through to April, both the sun and the Australians come out to play. Considered a paradise by foreigners, Aussies are often questioned why they would ever leave Australia’s weather behind. Even in the winter months, most areas in Australia will still be enjoying sun, sea and surf. With deserts, rainforests, beaches, and even snowfields, Australia will cater to your desires all year round.

How to get there

With international airports in each major city, Australia is well connected with the rest of the world. Sydney is the most popular destination to fly into, although Melbourne and Brisbane also have large airports welcoming tourists from all over the world. Brace yourself; it’s a long flight to Australia, but we work with top airlines to ensure that your journey is as comfortable as possible.
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Where To Go

Australia is a huge country, but you'll find that most of the population live as close as they can to the water. All the big cities are built near the coast, so beach life is a way of life in Aus. However, some of Australia’s best places to visit are located ‘in the middle of nowhere’ and to get to the heart of Australia, you simply have to visit the Outback. Here's our pick of the best bits of Australia...

Sydney & New South Wales

Sydney is Australia’s most iconic city. From the white arcs of the Opera House and the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, to the surfer's paradise of Bondi Beach, Sydney is one of a kind. Soak up Sydney's vibrant nightlife and bustling city surroundings, or head further out to explore endless golden coastlines, rolling valleys of vineyards, lush green forests and to hike the Blue Mountains.
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Introducing Queensland, Australia's epic sunshine state - from Brisbane's buzzing city scene to the natural beauty of Fraser Island, Queensland pretty much covers everything you need to experience the best of Australia and more. Go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, sail the Whitsundays or learn to surf at Surfer's Paradise!
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Commonly known as ‘Radelaide’, the ‘City of Churches’, and the ‘Festival State’, Adelaide is one of Australia’s more unusual cities. With a slightly slower pace of living, Adelaide is about as relaxed as it gets. Relax on the beach or soak up the chilled vibes on Jetty Road. Just an hour north of Adelaide lays the famous Barossa Valley, a wine region producing some of Australia’s finest wines.
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Western Australia

Did you know Perth has 19 beaches? or that you could head on a guided tour of some of Australia's finest wildlife parks? With so much more to do that simply basking in the sunshine, Western Australia pretty much has you covered when it comes to going on a great Aussie adventure.
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Start Planning Your Adventure Now!

The Northern Territory

Travel to the very heart of Australia and take a trip into the Outback. See majestic Uluru at sunset and dawn and sleep under the stars as you camp out in the red rock desert. Learn about Australia's aboriginal heritage and see nature at play with Kakadu's ancient rock art. The Outback is huge - spanning the Northern Territory and South Australia - and it's full of adventure.
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Melbourne and Victoria

Victoria's regions are diverse and beautiful. Travel the world famous Great Ocean Road, see amazing Aussie wildlife on Phillip Island, walk in ancient rainforests. Melbourne is also a great place for art lovers, fashionistas, foodies, coffee drinkiers and Aussie Rules football. Use Melbourne as your base to explore the Great Ocean Road by campervan or by booking a self-drive trip.
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Australia Tours

There's so much to see in Australia and a serious amount of ground to cover. If you're brain is hurting just thinking about how to fit it all in, then take a look at our Australia adventure tours. We've got an adventure Down Under for everyone, whether you're looking for sun and surf, dust and desert or a combination of it all!
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Getting Around

Australia is a huge country but we think that traveling around it is all part of the fun. Domestic flights within Australia are frequent and a speedy way to get around the country, but this risks missing out on the amazing scenery! Rail travel is really popular in Australia - with trains connecting the major cities and travelling down through the outback. Australia is also almost purpose-built for a road trip with your best friends or new travel buddies - in fact, it's a rite of passage.

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Grab your mates, pack up the barbie and head off on your camper road trip! Take a trip along the Great Ocean Road with the wind in your hair; drive through the Outback towards Uluru, sleeping under the stars each night; or beach hop along the coast of Western Australia. There's so much to see in Aus, and going by camper means that you can decide on what to see, when to see it and for how long.
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Australia By Bus

In a country as vast as Australia, a bus journey becomes an unforgettable part of your holiday experience. Instead of flying up in the clouds, you can weave your way through Australia's stunning scenery, through the red outback and along the divine eastern coastline. Travel on some of the world's most incredible overland routes with our Australian hop-on-hop-off passes.
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