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What does an Aussie adventure mean to you?

What does an Aussie adventure mean to you? Surfing on Bondi Beach? Road trips into the Outback? Sailing the idyllic Whitsundays?

You may think you know what Australia is all about, but we’ve found that no Aussie adventure is ever the same. This is why we created our #myaussieadventure app – so that you could create your perfect trip Down Under. It all depends on what kind of traveller you are, or more specifically, what Travel Tribe you fit into.

If you’re already getting FOMO because of all the places to see and things to do, then check out our Aussie adventures designed for each of our awesome Travel Tribes.
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#Feature Friday Mr Ollie Ali

Written by Tor White, Global Creative Director

We are doing #FeatureFriday a little differently today. We are going to show case one of our favourite photographers we have been working with lately…

We are totally committed to showing you guys a world that is real: full of real people and places and experiences… with all the crinkles and cracks as well as the beauty! This is why we have our own STA Travel creative studio and champion authentic photography, video, writing and music, all crafted by a collection of incredible young travellers, our STA teams and talented creatives we get to meet.

Last month I asked our friend and incredible photographer Ollie Ali if he’d be up for travelling around the world on one of our BlueTicket’s to capture photographs for the covers of our 2016 global brochures. Strangely enough he said hell yes!

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Top 5 Quirkiest Festivals in Europe!

Travelling through Europe is often considered a rite of passage; where else could you discover jaw-dropping historical sights, stumble happily from gigantic beer halls, fall madly in love with the world’s most romantic cities or yodel yourself hoarse on green pastured mountain peaks.

With festival season just around the corner, there is no better excuse to start planning your summer trip than with Busabout’s extensive hop-on hop off passes. Covering 14 countries, what better way to explore, meet new mates and travel on your own terms through Europe? Still not convinced? Then check out our top 5 quirkiest festivals to inspire your next adventure…

1.Kings Day

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Our Top 5 Game of Thrones Film Locations

You know nothing Jon Snow! …But we do, we know the Game of Thrones filming locations. From the Icelandic glaciers of the North to the Mediterranean seas of King’s Landing, the Game of Thrones set locations stretch three continents and six countries, after a read of this you’ll be impressing your friends with your GOT knowledge all week:

1.The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

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Melbourne Bucket List: Adventures and Sights to Experience

Melbourne is one vibrant city, chockfull of hidden laneways, underground bars, world-class coffee bars and amazing street art. But what else is there to do outside of the bustling CBD? Lots, of course – so take a step out of central Melbourne and be sure to check out our top 5 experiences to add to your next Aussie adventure…

1)Reach new heights

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