High Five… Asia!

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent, and one of the most diverse continents on the planet. It spans across 17 million square miles, and supports 3.9 billion people in 48 spellbinding countries.

So what have I done today? I’ve gone deep into the STA Travelchives and heaved up five of the continent’s most memorific experiences.

Whether you have travelled in Asia, or the flights are on the tip of your fingers, you’ll realise what a daunting task it was to summarise this continent in such broad strokes.

In fact, I’m still trying to put it off by writing surplus sentences, but now you know that, it’s probably wise for me to jump straight in and share our…

Five Unforgettable Asia Experiences

Walk Tall on the Great Wall

What better place for a lean, than against one of the world’s most amazing structures, The Great Wall of China. The Chinese once used axes and sledge hammers to defend the wall, but thankfully made the switch to ticket booths and the occasional toboggan run. Explore your options.

The Great wall

image courtesy of topgold

Trek among Thailand’s Hilltribes

Mop your brow as you teeter through northern Thailand, for an audience with the nation’s enigmatic hilltribes. Expect to be inspired by several hilltribes in the region, learning about their lifestyle and diverse cultures. You won’t get that in Barnsley. Explore your options.

Savour Sunset at Angkor Wat

As stages go, the incredible complex of Cambodia’s Angkor is like a superstore for sunset addicts. Spend your day weaving through the world’s largest religious building, learning the incredible story of the Khmer Empire, before winding down at Angkor Wat for sunset. Explore your options.

angkor wat

image courtesy of juliansong

Snorkel it up in Thailand

Slip on your fins, and slip beneath the diamond waters off Koh Tao in Thailand and you’ll swim deep into the magical realm of the Gulf of Thailand’s mesmeric coral reefs. This is one of Asia’s premier dive and snorkel spots, and it’s right there, off the coast of Thailand. Explore your options.

Step up, and Volunteer

Volunteering your time to one of the many projects happening throughout Asia, is a rewarding experience at any time in life. Fold it into a long stay on the continent, and you’ll inject the perfect balance into your journey. Explore your options.

Can you imagine how hard it was to raise these five onto the plinth for today’s post? Asia is blessed with hundreds of highlights, from the monumental wonders of northern India, to the incredible achievement of its railways.

Its history runs deep, and its myriad cultures provide a journey in themselves. While this proud collection could provide the sturdy columns to your time on the continent, it is the incredible moments in between which will act as the orchestra to the show.

Inspire your fellow travellers in the comment thread below, by sharing which unforgettable Asia experiences you would like to add!