Travel Crush

I found Barry White lurking in my iPod a few moments ago. So I concluded that I’m now romantic. So I figured I better act on a new-found-urge to heal the heartache of lonesome travellers around the world, by creating the inaugural feature for this, the new STA Travel Blog.

I’m calling it Travel Crush.

Heart in the Sky

If you can think of a better name, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. I asked everyone in STA Travel HQ, but they were too busy listening to Barry White on my iPod and looking longingly into each other’s eyes.

So here’s how we’ll roll. Have you ever met anyone on the road, who you’ve fancied so much that a bauble of dribble appeared at the edge of your lips? Did you have the urge to have and to hold them, in sickness and in health, from that day forward?

But then.



Well that’s what Travel Crush is all about. I want to rid the world of unrequited love/lust/love and see if we can track down the one’s that slipped through the cupid’s net.

Email me a photo of the special one to social [at] statravel [dot] co [dot] uk with details about who they are, where you met them and what it was about them that floated your boat, and we may publish it right here on the STA Travel Blog, and the spread the word far and wide.

You never know, perhaps they’re reading!