What's Our Melbourne Prize?

Stop what you’re doing, and clear your mind for a second. I need your undivided attention. I want you to take a breath, and imagine what it would feel like to win a holiday to Melbourne.

Imagine seeing this subject line in your inbox: “Congratulations! You’ve won our prize of a trip to Melbourne for you and a friend!”

Imagine calling up STA Travel, and shrieking like a banshee down the phone, “I won! I won! I’m going to Melbourne!”

Map of Melbourne

Imagine that for a moment. I am.

I can taste my heartbeat. The shadows in the corners of my eyes have melted away and I am weightless. I’m riding on a wave of euphoria, and I’m splashing around like a child in a stream of possibilities.

The good news for you, is that I can’t win this competition. Something to do with a bunch of rules I had nothing to do with.

But you could win it.

You could be the one person that visits my recent post titled: “Win a trip for two to Melbourne!

Here’s what you could win:

Return Flights to Melbourne.

We’ll provide you and “The Chosen One” with return flights to Melbourne in an actual, real-life aeroplane! You’ll get a seat. A mesh net. Free tickets to the première of the Safety Video, and we’ll even throw in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Need more? If you win, you’ll enjoy fantastic table (tray) service, at the push of a button.

Moonlight Kayak Tour.

I’ll give you one second to guess what this involves. One elephant. Two elephants. Too late: it’s a kayak tour, by moonlight. Yes, you and a friend will drift serenely along the city’s Yarra River, past some of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks.

Neighbours Trivia night.

Everybody needs good neighbours. With a little understanding. You could win the perfect prize. (Forgive me?) Let’s face it; you are either cringing, or cheering at the thought of pitting your Neighbours knowledge against (mainly British) travellers from across the world (UK).

Great Ocean Road Experience.

Our lucky prize winner will also journey along the Great Ocean Road, which sweeps from Torquay in the east of Victoria, to Allansford in the west. You’ll be treated to dramatic cliff edges, towering rock stacks, and a blend of surf, bays, and stunning beaches. All alongside a road! Beats the A47.

Penguin Parade and Koala Highlights day tour on Phillip Island.

No trip to Victoria is complete without an audience with the iconic koala on Phillip Island, and look what we did; we threw in a penguin parade as well! Just for clarification, this penguin parade does not involve a koala wielding a bright green highlighter pen. That would just be cruel. And a waste of ink.

If you think you can handle all of that, then you need to get your name in the hat. “But how do I enter, Ant?” I hear you cry.

As always, it’s blindingly easy.

In a moment I’m going to ask you to click a link. That will take you to another blog post, where you will see a 39 second video, featuring quick-fire images from Melbourne and the surrounding area. Simply pick a favourite, and tell us why in the comment thread of that post. Not this post.

Click this Link

If you’re still here, you’ve misunderstood. Please go back to the beginning and start again.