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Win a trip to California!

We’re competition crazy here at STA Travel. Why? Well, we just love what we do so much, that we want to give everyone the opportunity to experience it! And what’s better than say, travelling from Los Angeles to San Francisco via some of California’s best-loved sites and cities? WINNING IT, and going for free, that’s what!

We mix it up with over 106,000 travel fanatics over on Facebook, which is a lot of people when you think about it.

It’s four times as many people than live in the pork pie capital of Great Britain, Melton Mowbray, and guess what? I’m going to carry on this needless comparison with Ploughman’s based food stuffs.

There are 65% more people in our Facebook community than live in Burton upon Trent, the homeland of the beast that is Branston Pickle and to round it off, our Facebook community boasts no less than 35 times more people than live in Stilton, the birthplace of England’s famous blue.

Now, I’m sure Melton, Burton and Stilton are all lovely places, but wouldn’t you rather visit Los Angeles, San Diego and San… Fran… cisco, plus a generous dollop of full fat natural wonders?

This month’s Like It & Land It competition has a mere three days left before the legal eagles force us to slam it shut to make way for next month’s prize.

Win a tour from ‘LA to the Bay’!

Before I tell you how to enter, here’s a rundown of what’s on offer in this month’s Like It & Land It Facebook competition.

The first thing you should know, is that the prize is for two people. I’ll quickly clarify, that you have the power to pick the second person. We don’t want that responsibility.

Once you’ve broken the good news to your lucky travel buddy, you’ll hit the skies with British Airways to Los Angeles, the city of angels, where you’ll meet up with the travel crew you’ll be hanging with for the next 11 days as you enjoy one of our most popular USA tours, LA to the Bay.

Feel the wind in your hair, from LA to the Bay!

A couple of hours south, you’ll enjoy everything that fabulous San Diego has to offer, including a Mexican feast, before flaming off to the Grand Canyon for a couple of days, via a stop over in Phoenix.

Our lucky prize winner will then visit the famous strips of Las Vegas, before meandering into the Mojave Desert for a date with Bass Lake. If you choose to travel between December and March you’ll gorge yourself on winter fun as you enjoy the slopes around Lake Tahoe.

Alternatively, if you’re on board throughout the rest of the year you’ll score an audience with the mountains and meadows of the mighty Yosemite National Park, as you go in search of waterfalls and the park’s famously giant sequoias and massive rock faces.

Then it’s down to the ‘City by the Bay’, San Francisco, where you’ll cap off the journey with new friends, beside the city’s colourful bay.

How to Enter the Comp

Entering this competition is super-simple. Simply visit our Facebook page and hit the tab below our profile picture which says WIN a trip to California! Fill in your details, click a couple of buttons a you’ll be in the running to win this incredible trip.

Remember, the competition closes this Wednesday, 30 November 2011. Good luck!

Before you go, let us know how excited you imagine yourself to be if you were to win this trip to California? Would you be mildly pleased, and cool, calm and collected. Or, like, totalllyyyyyyyyy off the hook excited?

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Showing 12 Comments

  1. Samantha Jackson

    I would be beside myself! I am jittery at the thought of winning!
    Would be out of this wolrd to win this trip!

    2186 days ago
  2. Lara Callaghan


    2185 days ago
  3. Rachel Dann

    Omg!!!! To win this incredible trip would be a dream come true for my husband and I, we will keep our fingers and toes firmly crossed x Good Luck everyone!!

    2185 days ago
  4. Jordan Lynch

    OMG!! It would be a life changinging experience!! I’ve wanted to go to America from I was young n I have thought about moving there for ages!! it would be absolutely unbelievably and extremely mindblowingly AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Woul be the best thing to ever happen to me!!! I think I would love it wayyy too much it would be like a dream the entire time!!!! My fingers are crossed!!

    2185 days ago
  5. Mohamed

    It would be dream come true to visit california, WOAH

    2185 days ago
  6. Siobhan

    This would be an incredible experience and to win this would mean so much to me and my bf who has wanted to travel America for years and he deserves this after having a not so good year and this would mean the world to him !

    2185 days ago
  7. Agnieszka

    OMG!It would be the dream of my life come true!I have never experienced such happiness as I would if I won this trip!!!It would be better than sex!

    2184 days ago
  8. Alan

    I would totally be over the moon if im being totally honest. It would be a fantastic opportunity to visit these lovely places.

    2184 days ago
  9. Off my rocket. I really wanna be in LA.


    2183 days ago
  10. I would definitely be off the hook excited!! I’ve always wanted to visit the USA but haven’t had the chance to yet. California in particular is a place I dream of visiting. Winning this competition would be amazing for me right now as I’m a young unemployed person a bit down in the dumps at the moment and bored of the UK, so in need of a great adventure! ;)

    2183 days ago
  11. Lana

    I’d be cool, calm and collected for a minute or two….who am I trying to fool…I’d be off the walls excited, would be AMAZING!! Get excited thinking about it :p Would be nice to finally see this thing the people over the pond call the sun!! Good luck people :)

    2183 days ago
  12. jasmine ramey

    i love to win it

    2148 days ago