7 Ways to Save Money on Tours

If you’re thinking of travelling round the world, or looking for your next big adventure, then the chances are you’ve got your head down and you’re saving hard to achieve your dream. “Look after those pennies”, your parents bellow, “and the — all together now — pounds will look after themselves!”

Thanks mum. Thanks dad. And off you totter to work.

So you’re working hard to save them, but how do you make sure you make the most of every last penny, and save money on your next adventure?

Of course, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, so when you’re next in one of our branches, make sure you drop these top money saving tips into the conversation, and see if there are any ways to shave a few quid off the bill, so you can make the most of your savings.

Pink Piggy Bank On Top Of A Pile Of One Dollar Bills

This little piggy went to market. This little piggy went to STA Travel. | Photo by kenteegardin

Eager to find out how to save money on tours with STA Travel? This way Budgeteers…

7 Helpful Money Saving Tips

Early Bird Special!

Being the first on board doesn’t only give you a longer time to brag, it can pay to plan ahead. Why? Because you may be eligible for an early bird special; a discount for booking over six months in advance.

Buy in Bulk!

If you’re planning a string of different adventures as part of an epic round the world trip, or even a couple of smaller trips, then consider booking your tours in one hit as you may be eligible for a discount.

Buddy Up!

Whether there are 3, 4, 5 or even 10 of you travelling together then you may be eligible for a discount if you all book together. It may take a bit of organisation to get your friends together, but it could save you all a few bob.

Tour Whore?

Have you been on a tour with us before, and couldn’t wait to come back? Lay that on your consultant’s ears, and you may trigger a loyalty discount to make your next tour cheaper.

Take me now!

Got the urge, but don’t want to splurge? If you’re looking at travelling in the next 3 months check out our last minute tours page, it might not be exactly what you want, but it’s somewhere, right?

Get Carded

If you’re a student, under 26, or a teacher, then the chances are you’re eligible for a discount card which will save you cash on tours, and much more!

Myyyyy way or the…

Are you shirking the tour this year? Grab the keys to a campervan and find out if you can score a discount for longer hire periods. Not only do you save moolah, you also land extra time to travel!

One for luck!

Of course, we have a couple more blinding methods to finding out how to save dosh on your adventures. Sign up to our weekly newsletter, for the first word on travel deals.

That’s a wrap, now it’s over to you to pipe these tips directly into your travel plans for the coming months! If we can help in any way, let us know, and if you have any more tips to throw in the pot — you know what to do — hit the comment thread below!