High Five… North America

North America is not what you would call a shy continent, is it? I was sitting, staring at the continent’s iconic silhouette, considering which five experiences I could plant on the mighty nations. Then it hit me. Go BIG!

So, this week, High Five North America is going to deal with some of the continent’s biggest, bestest, chunkiest experiences.


"Autumn's forgotten leaves" litter the USA's parks | Photo by *~Dawn~*

If you’ve visited Canada or the States, you’ll know how hard it is to cherry pick the best experiences, so help us out by adding your opinion to the comment thread below. Your ideas and advice will be seen by 1000s of travellers from around the world — make it count!

Beaver Away

Who said Working Holidays were reserved for the antipodes? Both the USA and Canada offer young guns the opportunity to earn some dollars, while planting themselves right in the thick of things. So which job do you fancy? Theme park attendant? Ski season? Getting down and dirty on a Texan ranch? It’s all possible with a Working Holiday in North America.

Park Life

No, not the Blur anthem, but real parks. Parks with huge great big trees, and steel grey rocks. Parks with squirrels and bears, and pretty little flowers. Follow the sound of rushing water, or chase echoes through the wild meadows of America’s luscious National Parks. You might even spot a cowboy. And a Native/American/Indian.

Check out the iconic monuments of New York City

Long before King Kong shimmied up the Empire State Building, tourists were flocking to the Big Apple and picking its pips. Put simply, New York City is one of the world’s greatest cities for a plethora of reasons. This is not the city to hold back in: bring an appetite; bring a good pair of shoes; and bring your finest, coolest, most capable attitude.

NYC Pedestrian Crossing

Swarms of ghosts are a common problem for NYC cabbies

Hit the Road, Jack. Or Barry. Whatever your name is.

I say cheese: You say France. I say sushi: You say Japan. I say road trip: You say U… S… A! U… S… A! USA! I say, “Can you stop being so loud please?” You say USA! USA! USA! And we go round and round in circles until I steer your vision towards a mighty passion wagon, and I tell you that the USA offers some of the world’s greatest roads for tripping, such as — you guessed it — Route Sixty6.

Rocky Around the Clocky

Rockyyyy! Adriaaaan! Rockyyyyy! OK, so it has nothing to do with Stallone, but I recommend a tussle with this marvel of modern mountainry, which stretches for over 3000 miles between Canada and the southern states of the USA, and almost every inch is aching to be explored. You should also know that the Rockies home some primetime camp sites to crack out a kumbaya or two.

How was that for you? If you have experience of travelling in North America, and have an opinion about the continent’s best experiences, then lay it down in the comments below!