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High Five… Peru!

“Anything you can do, Peru can dooooo better!” While that may not be strictly true (or lyrically correct), Peru certainly offers travellers a one-stop-shop for the ultimate adventure. It’s far enough away to feel the full breeze of obscurity, yet popular enough with travellers to be grooved with friendly trails.

Travelling to Peru not only sounds amazing, it is amazing. It’s a country riveted with mystical legends, and rippled with deep, lush rainforests which have the ability to swallow ancient civilisations whole.

Aside from this, the country is hooked onto South America by the Andes mountain range, and pinned to the South Pacific Ocean by endless acres of coastal desert, including the world’s driest place, the Atacama Desert.

In true High Five spirit, we’ve swept over the country to pick out five treats that you simply shouldn’t miss during your time in the country. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Trek the Inca Trail, and marvel at Machu Picchu

Trekking and marvelling are two traits that will get you far in South America. One of them, quite literally. While there are plenty of refreshing trekking trails scribbled across Peru, the most famous — ergo most popular — is the Inca Trail, with the pinnacle of the shlep, being a visit the wondrous ruins of “Old Peak”, better known as Machu Picchu.

Help Animals in the Rainforest

How could we leave this one out? Take a foray into the Amazon Rainforest, to an area that holds the world record for the most bird sightings in one area, and help the critters out. The downside of the Amazon being blessed with such diverse fauna, is the illegal trade that feeds off it, said to be worth upwards of $20m per year.

There's nowhere on Earth like the Amazon Rainforest; easily accessible from Peru

See Soaring Condors in the Colca Canyon

Can you say “See soaring condors in the Colca Canyon” ten times without fainting with excitement? Nope, we didn’t think so. WAKE UP! We’ve got one of the natural world’s most awe-inspiring sights, as the largest land-living birds circle before your eyes beside one of the world’s deepest canyons. It makes you feel dizzy just reading about it, right?

Fly above the Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are in the Nazca Desert, therefore, their collective name is not considered to be mysterious, but their appearance most certainly is. Appearing like a supersized doodle by accalimed artist, Neil Buchanan, these creations of the ancient civilisations are best observed from the air, where a local guide can attempt to de-doodle their hidden meaning.

high above the watchtower

The Nazca Lines remain one of the world's mysteries. | Photo by timsnell

Take your time at Lake Titicaca

Peru has a firm hold on the western shores of Lake Titicaca, preventing Bolivia from scurrying away with the continent’s largest lake. Take your time exploring the magical islands, and meet the enigmatic Indians that freckle the lake shores, and Islas de la Luna and del Sol which bloom from the surface.

So there we have it, High Five Peru! Have you ever been so inspired to bolt out of your seat and run to your nearest STA Travel store? I know I have… see ya! No, wait, I’m the Editor. I best stay. You head off to Peru without me. I don’t mind. Honestly. No, no, that’s fine.

Now, you know what this post is missing? Your voice! What would your top five things to do in Peru be?

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  1. Alex

    Should probably point out that the Home Office specifically recommends against flying over the Nazca Lines:
    “Past accident investigations have shown that necessary aircraft safety and maintenance standards were not being implemented. We have no reason to believe that proper safety and maintenance standards are now being reliably adhered to.”

    1861 days ago
  2. Cat

    Ant, did you read Alex’s quote? It says: “We have no reason to believe that proper safety and maintenance standards are now being reliably adhered to.” – ie. as far as they can tell things still haven’t got any better or safer!

    1861 days ago
  3. If you are going to Peru and are looking for something to do while in Lima I really recommend trying out this surf school:
    They’re great with beginners, speak English and you’re guaranteed to have a great time with them. They’re a small school of real surfers teaching people to surf. I went with them the first time in Peru and got hooked, so spent November with them travelling all the best surf spots in Peru……while in Lima there really is nothing better to do…..and you get to hang out with locals too.

    1854 days ago
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