#RTW: The Jumbo Jetsetter

So, you’re one of those people who never like to do anything by halves? You’ve decided you want to see the world and you’re not going to settle for anything less than the whole kit and caboodle.

Well here’s us giving you one big, fat high-five! Or should I say high-nine? As that’s exactly how many incredible stops are awaiting you on The Jumbo Jetsetter round the world route, which is sure to knock the socks off even the most seasoned jetsetter.

The possibilities are endless on a trip like this; each destination has a multitude of amazing things to see and do, so take a deep breath as we’ve swept aside any mind-boggling mumbo to leave you with a trip that’s got it all and is — you guessed it — jumbo.

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Where does The Jumbo Jetsetter touch down?

We’ll be going into more detail about the exact destinations of The Jumbo Jetsetter in a moment, but first up, it’s worth getting to grips with exactly where this journey will take you. Hit the big blue play button, and prepare to be dragged away by your runaway wanderlust.

As you can see, we kick off this most epic of adventures in St Petersburg, home to the super cool and super-chilled (vodka, I mean). Take some time to soak up its off-beat, bohemian vibe before venturing east, glasses a’clinking, as you follow the fabled Trans-Mongolian rail route aboard the Vodkatrain.

Rack up the once-in-a-lifetime stories as you find yourself ping-ponging through Moscow, deepest Mongolia (who’da thunk it?) and all the way into the bright lights of bustling Beijing.

Now, that’s already a fair few ticks on your travel check-list that are off the fabled beaten track!

Arriving in China in style!

Next up, you guessed it, it’s Ch-ch-ch-china! This country is fast-becoming a must-visit on the lists of those in-the-know and it won’t take you long to work out why.

There’s oodles — and noodles — to do, so have your chopsticks at the ready as you trundle down the Great Wall of China, swing around Tiananmen Square, sneak a peak at the Forbidden City, pay a panda a visit, and stare a (terracotta) warrior in the (terracotta) face.

Now can I get a ‘hoot hoot!’ as you roll into Hong Kong to round things off? The Essential China tour rolls all of these delicious sights into one, easy to digest, dim sum sized mouthful, so you can spend less time with your head in a map, and more time, well… with your head down munching actual dim sum.

Go face to face with Ol' Black Eyes in China, as you journey on The Jumbo Jetsetter!

Now this wouldn’t be much of a round the world trip if you didn’t include this big, red, sunshine-filled, barbeque-mad island, would it now?

Over to Australia!

Good old Oz is a firm traveller favourite and is sure to keep the good times flooding in as you sail, surf, and scuba your way up the East Coast from Sydney to Cairns. The Beaches and Reefs adventure tour does exactly what it says on the tin as you beach hop and reef spot the days away, soaking up all the best bits this amazing coastline has to offer: zoom along the pristine beaches of Fraser Island in a 4×4, try out life on an authentic Aussie ranch in cattle country and just kick back with a nice cold brewski in blissed out Byron Bay. Okaaay, okaay, there’s plenty of time to cuddle a koala too!

Why not go the whole hog and carry on into the immense sea of red that is the Northern Territories’ Outback? Before heading down south to Melbourne to check out this super cool city and take a sunset drive down the Great Ocean Road. Australia may be a big ol’ place, but you’ve just managed to take one jumbo sized bite out of it! Good on ya mate! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Next stop… New Zealand

Now get yourself ready for a serious adrenaline hit as with a mere hop, skip and a jump (well, almost), it’s over to action-packed New Zealand to get those hearts pumping and pulses thumping.

This is the country where every view is the best you’ve ever seen and it’s AOK to throw yourself into, out of and off, well, pretty much anything!

When you’ve had your fill of bungee jumping, sky-diving, white-water rafting and mountain biking, take some time to chill out on a glacier, go surfing in the sun, or hike around in search of a hobbit amongst some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

For the ultimate in travelling freedom, captain your own campervan so you can explore every far-flung corner and squeeze every last ounce of adventure of these two epic islands, all at your own pace.

When you are finished nearly giving your parents heart attacks when you tell them exactly what you’ve been throwing yourself off, hit that slo-mo button, and float on over to the ultimate of island getaways: tantastic Fiji!

Time out in Fiji

Now this is fully-fledged paradise, my friend, so we know the last thing you’ll want to do here is think. Let us do all that boring stuff for you and jump on the Tropical Island Explorer tour that takes care of everything as it sweeps you around the bestest of the best islands Fiji has to offer, no brainpower required!

Fiji, the perfect stop off for some chill out time!

How does partying in the sand, dozing under palms, gliding around blue lagoons and snorkeling alongside serene manta rays sound? Good? Great? Like the most perfect trip you could ever imagine? I know, it’s like we read your mind… spooky…

Only in America

Tear yourself away from the sand as you jet off to the final stop along your journey – it’s the U.S.ofAaaayyy!

You’ll be California dreaming as you touch down in star-filled Los Angeles, where you can spot celebs swanning around in the streets and see movie magic being made. Next up, head from LA to the Bay as you soak up all the wonders of the West Coast.

Hang out beach-side in sunny San Diego, get your game face on in party-mad Las Vegas, teeter on the edge of the Grand Canyon and feel the heat in Phoenix before cooling off in the serene surroundings of Bass Lake and stunning Yosemite National Park. But don’t stop there — there’s still plenty of time to glide across the Golden Gate Bridge and show us your hippy hippy shake in San Francisco.

Build up buns of steel (or just jump on the tram…) as you explore the city’s famous hillside sights and lounge around the Bay, watching the final few days of your epic, round the world adventure sink slowly into the sunset.

If you want any more information about The Jumbo Jetsetter, lay down your questions in the comment thread below, give us a call, or visit your local branch.