What are you doing on Australia Day?

Australia Day is our national day, and it unleashes the inner-Bogan in many a proud Australian. We’ll don our national colours, and drape a flag or two around our bronzed Aussie necks.

There are more Southern Cross tattoos (real or fake) going around on this day, than there are stars in a cloudless night sky.

Thong throwing competitions and woodcutting prowess, all topped off with a summer glow and twinkle of fireworks. This is our day to P.A.R.T… Y? Because we can!

This year, the ‘true blue’ spirit is well and truly on show at the Story Bridge Hotel Cockroach Races in Brisbane, on the Brisbane River, which is raised funds for the children’s charity, Variety.

Cockroach Races in Brisbane

Cockroaches at the ready! One of the many ways to celebrate Australia Day | Photo c/o Story Bridge Hotel

There are special grandstands built and roads closed off, just so punters can lay bets on a prize cockie or two — this place is pumping, and the place to be in the small town we like to call “Brisvegas”. Which you might know as Brisbane.

Australia Day Traditions

Another massive tradition, is to get together with your with your Aussie mates and count down the Triple J Hottest 100 in the backyard over a stella BBQ, and once again there’s a traditional pool to see what hits will make the top ten are.

If you have no mates in Oz, no worries! Head to the Southbank Beach in Brisbane where there’s a beach BBQ at Southbank Surf Club, accompanied by the best beats, or alternatively head along to the classy rooftop bar at Limes Hotel in the valley, for true blue Ozzie Cocktails.

Aussie Day 2010

Just in case you were confused as to what day it is | Photo by Brian Giesen

Outside of Brissie, other mentionables include Sydney, where the city lights up in Hyde Park, the Rocks & Darling Harbour. The city plays host to the GIO Oz Day 10K wheelchair race, and the Australia Day Regatta’s Best Dressed Vessel on Sydney Harbour.

At 2pm check out the RAAF Show above the city and bay, and be sure to stick around for the evening fireworks. Another favourite is the true Outback experience in the Northern Territory, where the Australia Day Ute Run draws great crowds.

That’s my experience of Australia Day, what’s yours?

Today’s post was written by Janita Dal Cin, who works for STA Travel in Australia. Find out more about travelling in Australia, and experiencing the celebrations for yourself.