Enter the STA Travel Oscars!

Polish your havaianas, buff your backpacks, we’re getting geared up for this Sunday’s Oscars. With Oscar-style awards up for grabs in seven “Best Picture” categories, you could earn global acclaim from your travelling peers by landing one of the inaugural STA Travel Oscars! (Plus it’s fun).

Pictures are the perfect way to show-off your favourite travel experiences, so we’re extending that feeling right the way through this year’s awards, as we welcome you to submit your favourite photos from your travels.

This is the time to let your hair down, and stretch your creative wings by inspiring fellow travellers with your take on our wonderful world.

ANYONE can win at the STA Travel Oscars! | Photo by marc falardeau

Coming up are the all-important entry categories, which are completely open to interpretation. Be as creative as you like; there are very few rules in the STA Travel Oscars, other than those of common sense, such as “You must have taken the original photograph yourself!”

Entry Categories

We’d prefer you to avoid excessive use of photo-editing software, but we recognise that Instagram, EyeEm, Hipstamatic and other smartphone apps are a bona fide platform for taking some pretty cool shots on the road — so we’re accepting them.

In a word, we’re not taking this as seriously as our Hollywood counterparts. We don’t even have a goodybag. Or a golden action man. It’s just a way for you to show off your flair for photography. Listen up, here come the nominations:

Best Picture
Let’s not pretend — this is the big one. Submit your favourite photo from any aspect of travelling days, and get yourself in the running for the pinnacle of all Oscar-based travel blog post photo competitions.

Country in a Leading Role
Again, we’re not going to get too strict, but a country in a leading role might include the USA, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, Italy etc.

Country in a Supporting Role
Along the same lines as above, but this time, we’re looking for countries a little more offbeat: Mongolia, Uganda, Norway or Nepal, for example.

Documentary Feature
This is where things take on a little more of a photo-journalistic approach; if you’ve immersed yourself in a volunteer project, or you’ve come across an issue that needs highlighting, for example, this would qualify.

Music (Original Score)
Any picture that portrays the enjoyment of music, qualifies for this take. Whether that’s sat round a camp fire with a guitarist, or entrenched in the party pit of a faraway festival, this is the style we’re looking for.

Costume Design
Snapped some seriously cool fashion trends while you’ve been on the road? Whether that’s your best mate in a sari, or a stranger strutting their stuff in the side streets of your favourite city — as long as it features interesting fashion, it qualifies!

Visual Effects
Make your own take on this one; examples could include a trick on the eye, or a natural phenomenon, like the Northern Lights. If it’s visual, and effective, it qualifies.

How to enter the STA Travel Oscars

To be up for the chance of winning, you simply need to send your photo to us via one of the following methods. It couldn’t be simpler:

  • Tweet it to @STATravel_UK using the hashtag #STATravelOscars, and include the entry category.
  • Post your photo on the STA Travel UK Facebook wall, and state which category you’re entering.
  • Email us (social [at] statravel [dot co dot uk]) your photo, including the entry category.

That’s it! It’s that easy to enter, and get your photos under the noses of travellers far and wide. Dive into your photo albums, scour your snaps for the perfect entries and get them over to us before midnight on Wednesday 22nd February, and you could land yourself a braggable award!

What are you waiting for?

Don’t miss out! This is your chance to showcase your best photos on STA Travel’s favourite stages — it’s all for fun, don’t take things too seriously!