Ask the Experts: Something different this Summer

Our Experts are back and raring to solve your travel quandaries! This week’s question is one that loads of you will be thinking about right now, and it involves the all important Summer Holiday. We’ll leave it to Blog reader Sophie to phrase it eloquently:

Me and a couple of friends want to go travelling this summer for around 2 -3 weeks. We don’t have any preferences on destination, but want something a little bit different and exciting. Any ideas? Sophie

A tall order for the Experts – sometimes the most general questions are the hardest to answer! But nothing’s phased them yet, and something tell us our Experts are going to try their damndest to give Sophie some great inspiration for her summer plans.

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Experts – it’s over to you.

Kim Lindsay at STA Travel Dundee says…

If I were you, Sophie, I’d totally be looking to party my way round Europe this summer.

Why? Well, the Euro is finally getting weaker (big cheer!) and we’ve got some great discounts on adventure tours in Europe right now.

Go east to sample the local schnapps and top up your tan with a bit of island cruising in Croatia. Sailing round the islands is one of our most popular experiences, and definitely one for the bucket list.

Who says you have to go to Thailand for paradise beaches? These are just as beautiful, and only a 4 hour flight away.

Now go forth and enjoy Europe!

Sarah Jones at STA Travel Covent Garden says…

For different and exciting, it has to be South Africa, Sophie. Constant good weather, endless sunshine – it’s the obvious choice!

The country is also renowned for its diversity, from adventure to pure relaxing, providing you with an endless supply of activities for a 2-3 week timescale.

First off there’s Cape Town, a hotbed of metropolitan wonderfulness, from its trendy bar scene to its multicultural food, dubbed a ‘rainbow cuisine’.

On top of that, Cape Town’s natural setting is at the foot of Table Mountain. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, nestled at the bottom, are a must-visit to start your trail to the mountain’s summit. You’ve got the choice of loads of trails to the top, with the Skeleton Gorge trail being particularly popular amongst tourists and locals alike. Once at the top the panorama of the city is mesmerising.

Table Mountain panorama

 Experience mesmerising views from the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town | Image by coda

Even better, the South African region is famous for its wine. There are a number of prominent wineries open to the public which make for an alternative day out. Vergelegen in the Cape region is one of the oldest and grandest wine estates, dating back to the 17th Century. The estate‘s house, gardens and winery is open to visitors where you can kick back with a sophisticated vino, or even take a trip up the adjacent mountain to the see the winery plant.

No trip to South Africa is quite complete without a visit to Kruger National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa. The Park has a subtropical climate so be warned: if you’re going in the summer, temperatures can soar to over 40 degrees!

So, go to South Africa! With everything from beaches, bars, wine tasting and exotic wildlife, it’s a must and will provide an adventure quite unlike any other holiday you will go on.

A couple of very tempting options for you there, Sophie! Hope that’s given you a bit of inspiration. If you’re feeling inspired, or want any more ideas for your summer holidays, get in touch with us! We’ve got 47 stores around the UK, and are available on email and at the end of the phone, too.