Ask the Experts: where can I turn 30 in style?

Sometimes, there’s a travel question that just can’t be solved with a quick search on Google. The kind of question that leaves you starting angrily at your computer screen, or throwing your smartphone down in fit of rage, wishing there was a travel expert on hand at the end of an email.

Guess what? There is! And not just one expert, either. This week, we’ve got a panel of three of our most knowledgable travel experts, and they’re here to answer your pressing travel-related questions. In your face, Google!

This week, Laura from Bath has a question to get the Experts rifling through their little black travel books. Take it away, Laura!

My friends and I turn 30 next year (eek!) and we want to celebrate with a week somewhere a bit special. Where would you recommend going to party and recover in style? Laura in Bath

Excellent question, Laura! Experts, can you give Laura a 30th birthday to remember? Let’s find out!

Heather Dack from STA Travel Nottingham suggests…

There are so many options, Laura! For a week, I would try and keep your travel time down and head over to North America.

The West Coast would be a great option – you could live it up in Las Vegas for three nights, head out to the Grand Canyon and then spend a few days rubbing shoulders with the stars and chilling out on the beach in Los Angeles. A great variety, in a short space of time.

As it’s a big birthday, I would definitely recommend splashing out on a in Vegas. The MGM Grand is a great option with its sleek design. During the day there’s plenty to see – you could even take a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon, just a few hours from Vegas.

Las Vegas

 Laura could celebrate turning 30 with Elvis, in Las Vegas | Image by Moyan_Brenn

Over in LA, you have so many options for accommodation depending on your budget and style. During the day spend some time relaxing by the beach, visit Universal Studios, and of course, stroll along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Sarah Jones from STA Travel Covent Garden puts this forward…

The good old 3-0 is one of the best excuses for a mind-blowing holiday and a mind-blowing place to do so is Brazil.

South America’s largest country is home to it all: breath-taking beaches, exotic wildlife, and crazy partying. But if you’re looking for a party like no other and you’ve got a week to do so, I’d suggest hitting Rio de Janiero.

If your birthday is lucky enough to fall around February then the one and only Rio Carnival has to be done. It’s pure extravagant mayhem. These Brazilians know how to dress up and if you’re feeling up for it you can even join in, with packages that provide you with an outfit and get you boogying along with the Brazilians in the procession.

Rio is equally as brilliant in non-Carnival times, however, boasting a colourful nightlife, a great array of eating establishments and a historical side in the Centro area. If you want to try something different, take a visit to Rio’s famous Lapa district, renowned for its old-school dance halls where you can dance the night away to samba music.

Once the consecutive nights of partying have started to take its toll you can take a short drive to beautiful Ipanema Beach and spend a few days relaxing amidst the stylish people and gorgeous coastline. This place is home to some stunning sunsets so plenty of evening strolls are in order, followed by a chilled-out beer or cocktail.

A famous local claim is ‘Deus e brasileiro’ (God is Brazilian), and with its buoyant atmosphere and beautiful scenery you can kind of understand why. He’d probably agree that it’s a great place to spend your 30th!

Kim Lindsay from STA Travel Dundee throws this idea into the mix…

Ah yes Laura, turning 30 – I remember it well. I went to Melbourne for mine, but as that’s probably a bit far afield for a week, I’m going to go with New York, New York!

Whether you’re after classy and sophisticated, or a booze binge to rival The Hangover, New York is the city that never sleeps and a choice destination no matter what the time of year.

Imagine a helicopter ride over Manhattan followed by a glass of champers at the top of the Empire State building – a birthday doesn’t get much more special than that.

Three equally inspiring ideas for you there, Laura! I’m almost looking forward to turning 30 myself, if I get to celebrate like this. Thanks Experts!

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