Build your Perfect Travel Partner!

What comes first, the destination or the travel partner? Personally, I choose the destination. It acts like the proverbial honey pot for fellow travellers. If they’re interested, they’ll send me a sarcastic text asking me why they haven’t been invited.

However, on a recent stopover at Hong Kong airport, my people-watching began to take on an eerie Frankenstein-esque twist.

I began to wonder — friendships aside — what character traits would I be looking for in my perfect travel partner?

So I made him/her/it. And welcome you to do the same. Coming up in a few sentences, you’ll meet one of the most attractive looking travellers you’re ever likely to come across.

To me, they’re perfect. Kind, caring, open-minded, energetic. I’d love to spend some time with them milling around a Moroccan market, or strolling along a fashionable foreshore.

The Perfect Travel Partner

After you’ve had a good ogle at my friend, let me know what you look for in your own travel buddies. Perhaps you like them straight-laced and formal, or prefer them absolutely mental and able to bring out your wild side?

It’s your call. But for now, I’d like you to meet the adorable Bobby.

Meet Bobby! | Head to toe, images by: babasteve, Sukanto Debnath, colinlogan, 
danorth1, ThisParticularGreg, and Danny VB.

Pretty cute, right? Imagine navigating your way through the airport with him/her/it. No, seriously, just imagine that for a second. I have; and it was an enlightening thought.

What do you look for in a travel partner?

So, how about you? What character traits would you look for in a travel mate, if you were heading on a round the world epic? You could either list them below, or, if you want to get a little more visual as I have done, you can fire me an email and if they’re attractive enough, I’ll post it here on the STA Travel Blog (minimum image width is 620px) for fellow readers to consider.

While Bobby and I kick off the flip flops for a stroll along the beach, get busy and create your own perfect travel partner. You never know, we could all get together for a group adventure!