High Five… ways to get around India!

There are some countries where getting around is half the fun of being there. Where sitting on a beach for two weeks just won’t cut it when you could be out experiencing the real hustle and bustle of a place through its transport system.

The mighty India is definitely one of those countries.

There, you can soak up the atmosphere, get to know the locals, and immerse yourself in the culture in a way that only travelling around the country will let you do. Hitting the road is an experience in itself.

It’s safe to say that we think the art of getting around India deserves a massive High Five of its own, so, let’s give it one!

Five unmissable ways to travel around India

1. Make (train) tracks

There’s no better way to reach India’s nooks and crannies than by taking the train. Securing a ticket may involve a fair amount of queuing, but rest assured, it’ll be worth the wait. Grab a seat, strike up conversation with the locals and spend the journey watching the beautiful Indian countryside go by.

Not to be missed is the incredible Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a tiny steam train that winds its way through the foothills of the Himalayas, through dense forests and past tea plantations.

2. Get the hump

Heading up north to Rajasthan? A camel ride it is, then! Getting around by camel was once the norm here, and you’ll find camel safaris offered all over the place. Feeling adventurous? Hop one of our hump-backed friends for a five day trek through the desert.

3. Three wheelin’

The auto rickshaw is to India what the tuk tuk is to Thailand, and you can’t go to a big city in India without experiencing a ride in one of these iconic three wheelers.

The drivers are notorious for not knowing where they’re going, and you may have to ask several times before they put the metre on (if they even have one) but that’s all part of the fun! Wind your way through the busy roads, and enjoy the quintessential Indian experience.

4. These boots were made for walking

I’ll let you in on a secret – hiking is just another word for walking. And tackling India’s many hiking paths is one of the best ways to get amongst the breathtaking Indian countryside.

Darjeeling and Dharamshala are two of the best places in the country to take on the trails. Trek to Darjeeling’s Tiger Hill for sunrise, for some stunning views of the Himalayas and Mount Kanchenjunga.

5. What goes on tour…

Pushed for time? If you want to see India, and you’ve only got a few weeks, joining a group tour is a great way to see more, in less time. Roam India will show you the best of northern India in three weeks, from Delhi to Rajasthan, while Uncover India takes you from the buzzing cities in the north down to Mumbai and on to the beaches of Goa in just 15 days.

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See more of India on a group adventure tour.
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