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Our Round the World Prize in Pictures

The rumours are true. We really are giving away two round the world tickets on Facebook. If you win, you and a friend could be jetting over to Bangkok, swooping down to Sydney, and letting loose in LA, before swaggering back to London, with a once-in-a-lifetime experience tucked under your belt.

Salivating at the mere prospect? Let’s pump it up.

WIN your way around the world!

If you land this prize, you’ll be riding the rails of The Classic round the world route, with our mates at Qantas.

First up on your round the world epic, is none other than Asia’s most popular gateway: Bangers, also known as Ping Pong City, Venice of the East, or, to geography stalwarts: Bangkok.

Tear yourself away from Asia at your leisure, and follow the madding crowd to Sydney, Australia. Hit the sites, hit the town, hit the surf, and hit the highways by making an Australia epic of your own.

Wring out your swimmers, and scurry aboard your penultimate flight across the Pacific to the Hollywood hills and starry-eyed boulevards of Los Angeles.

Not only will you soak up the celeb, you’ll be in the heart of California, one of the world’s most awesome road trip zones.

Make the most of it, because the only flight left from here on in is the long way home. But don’t be sad, because you’ve just scored yourself 24,000 miles of free flight madness!

How to Enter

If you want to win a pair of round the world tickets, you’ll need to enter the competition. Entering couldn’t be easier, simply visit our Facebook Page and hit the enter button! Simples.

Hands up if you’re still reading this blog post? Well, hellooooo… everyone else has headed off to enter, what are you waiting for?

Let us know how much you want to win this prize! London to Bangkok to Sydney to Los Angeles: get your name in the hat, now, by visiting the STA Travel UK Facebook Page! T&Cs apply.
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Showing 13 Comments

  1. Mike Cross

    There are so many wonderful places yet for my wife and I to see and experience, so many potential friends we have yet to meet, and we know that 9-5 will not furfill our dreams, so our next challenge is to get to these places and people anyway we can…and if it means entering competition to make our dream happen, then good luck to us, and all who enter with the same dream.

    1855 days ago
  2. Lucinda

    I’ve barely left Hampshire all my life! I’ve got so much of the world to see in so little time I’d just love the opportunity!

    1851 days ago
    • We love Hampshire, but nevertheless… good luck, Lucinda!

      1851 days ago
  3. Lawrie

    This would literally make my life. I have such a wonderlust right now. :)

    1844 days ago
  4. Renae

    Most definitely would love to see some of the beautiful places in this world. Thanks to STA this may well be possible.

    I really, really, really would loveeeeeeeee to win this prize, an opportunity of a lifetime.

    1833 days ago
    • It would be awesome, right Renae? Good luck with your entry!

      1833 days ago
  5. Mo Patel

    This prize is immense, I would love to win a flight around the world and see new countrys, From a Disabled prespective in a whhelchair I would write a great blog about each country I would vist and see and explore new culture.

    1833 days ago
    • Hi Mo — it would be an amazing journey! Hurry, entries close today!

      1830 days ago
  6. Libby

    This sounds such an amazing opportunity! The world is your oyster ‘perfect quote’

    1833 days ago
  7. lisa

    i have entered as this has been a dream of mine for years just havent found the time, money or type of friends to come with me. i want to see all of this world and what it has to offer, the pictures look amazing and i would cry if i won :)

    1833 days ago
    • Tears of happiness, I presume, Lisa?! Good luck!

      1830 days ago
  8. Catherine Murphy

    This world belongs to us all, and I certainly cherish the chance to see as much of our planet as possible. Thanks for giving everyone this chance.

    1832 days ago
    • You’re welcome, Catherine… good luck!

      1830 days ago

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