#RTW: The Ultimate Hitlist

What would you expect from a round the world route called The Ultimate Hitlist? A journey punctuated with stops at the world’s best cities, with easy overland options to reach other definitive destinations? Great. Because that’s exactly what this route gives you.

You’ll fly to Bangkok. Perth. Sydney. Los Angeles. Some of the world’s most iconic cities, and they’re just for starters.

You could take in the sights, sounds and smells of Southeast Asia as you make your own way down to Singapore. From Perth, you could start an epic overland trip Down Under, all the way over to Sydney. Los Angeles, meanwhile, is the perfect base to experience the US of A in all its hope and glory.

All this, in your own time, and on your terms.

Hungry for more? Travel The Ultimate Hitlist on our interactive map below – it’s the next best thing to actually travelling the world.

Looks amazing, right? Well, we’re about to make it even more amazing. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of this round the world ticket.

Asian flavour

With this route, you’ll land in Bangkok and fly out of Singapore. A perfect opportunity to explore the captivating region of Southeast Asia. And with our two-week tour, Roam Bangkok to Singapore, you’ll really make the most of your time here. Sunbathe, swim and scuba dive on Thailand’s southern beaches, before making your way over the border to Malaysia, where you’ll be greeted by some of the world’s best street food and friendliest people. From here, you’ll cross another border over into the sparkling metropolis of Singapore. Remember to spit out your chewing gum! It’s banned here.

 Get a grasp on the culture of Southeast Asia as your roam from Bangkok to Singapore

Do it your way

You should fully expect to fall in love with Southeast Asia. In fact, you’ll probably want to spend more time there. So, when you book your round the world trip, grab a Multiflex Pass, too. It’s a date change pass that means you can make changes to your travel itinerary when you’re away. So, if you want to stay in Singapore for an extra week, month, or even longer, you can – we’ll just change your flights for you. The Multiflex Pass is only £59 for three date changes, or £99 for unlimited date changes, so it has the potential to save you big bucks.

The real Australia

Landing on Australia’s West Coast is a great starting point to properly explore Down Under. If you join our Perth to Darwin Safari, you’ll take in the entire stunning West Coast, loads of breathtaking National Parks, and the awesome Aussie Outback, before arriving in multicultural Darwin. Yep, this is what Australia is all about.

Experience Australia's stunning West Coast and beyond

East Coast cruising

There’s nothing quite like a road trip. Especially when all you have to do is kick back and enjoy the ride. That’s exactly what you could be doing from Cairns down to Sydney, if you pick up a hop-on hop-off bus pass. It’s straightforward, flexible, and it includes loads of activities like surf lessons and a sailing adventure through the Whitsundays. Even better, it stops off at all the main sites, and can even take you to your accommodation for the night.


Like, oh my God, whatever, and other lines you learned from Clueless: you’ve reached Los Angeles! Get your fix of Hollywood, celebrities, and window shopping on Rodeo Drive, and then get ready to hit the road. LA is the gateway to California, Arizona, and Nevada, after all. Our 14-day Wild Western tour takes in all three states, and all the main sights: the culture of San Francisco, the vast Grand Canyon, beautiful Yosemite national park, and, of course, Sin City itself, Las Vegas.

And that, my friends, is how a round the world trip is really done! These are just a few of our ideas; we have loads of adventure tours, options to get bus and rail passes, and opportunities to hire cars and campervans all over the world. Take The Ultimate Hitlist, and make it your own.

Our Travel Experts have been there, and done that – and they love to talk about it! Pop into one of our stores and have a chat. If you’ve already been on a round the world trip, we’d love to hear your advice, stories, and travel tips in the comments thread below.

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